Poems by Crystal Rose


a poem by Crystal Rose

Impersonal masked faces,
Cool voices intruding in her loneliness
Cloying smell of sweet ether,
Painless prick of the needle
The glint of light on steel,
Bliss of undisturbed sleep
Lightened the guilt but
For just a few euphoric moments
Till reality pulled her lids apart
To the bitter reckoning
Of her blood stained hands that
Signed her shame away
The fruit of guilty passion
And unbridled love
The seed implanted unknown
Into a womb run almost dry
She laughed, she cried and
Wished that pain would
Drown her bitter longing
For the one she lost
Nay, the one she slew,
The voice stifled
The breath stilled,
The life choked
Her eyes met his,
Reflected pain and misery
Soothed her aching heart,
Calmed her churning thoughts
Hands clasped together,
They mourned their loss
They clung to each other,
Till time drew them apart
To return home alone,
She to hers and he to his
For their love was
Never meant to be

My Little World

a poem by Crystal Rose

Deep within the heart
Inside that little secret place
Is a small world in part
Away from all scornful gaze
And voices that hurt and hate
My little world where I am
What I am, what I want to be

Queen of a kingdom or a state
A poignant woeful countenance
Heroine of a tragic drama’s fate
Poet, an artist, to sing and dance
Receiving accolades abundant
My little world where I am
What I am, what I want to be

Fantasies abound and flow
Hidden from scornful eyes
Bringing a blush and glow
Binding tight invisible ties
With reality and my fantasy
My little world where I am
What I am, what I want to be

Cringing from voices that pierce
Decrying such foolish fancies
Homing into the privacy of my soul
My cache of hopes and fears
A storehouse of my fantasies
My little world where I am
What I am, what I want to be

And then you came along
To care, to feel and share all
Turning sounds in the soul to song
Knowing my secrets and uncertainties all
Deepest emotions hidden inside
My little world where I am
What I am, what I want to be

And you lingered there in that
Little niche you settled into
To stay for ever comfortably
A comfort zone that
I cannot do without, sharing
My little world, where we can be
What we are, what we want to be

To you I belong

a poem by Crystal Rose

Life is just a breath, a gasp
Too transient to stay within our grasp
Never too short, never too long
Give me life – to you I belong

Love is just a look, a touch
A lover’s heart filled with much
Longings and emotions too strong
Give me love – to you I belong

Joy is in the heart, the mind
When to a loved one you bind
Your feelings, your thoughts all the day long
Give me joy – to you I belong

You are my joy, my love, my life
In my troubled mind’s world full of strife
I ask for nothing, but I long
For all you can give – ‘cos to you I belong.