Poems by Cindrela

Only You!

a poem by Cindrela

You came and blessed us,
Whatever for, I still cannot understand!
Since that day,
I am living no more.

Suppressing our love deep within my heart,
Closing the pages of a legendary affair,
And eyes filled with tears,
I stand before ‘him’
Inside the four walls of a closed room!

Expectations are flowing in his heart;
Memories of ‘us’… in mine!
His touch, his gentle kiss,
Oh! But why does it cause so much pain??

This reality, Iam unable to digest!
When he stands beside me,
The torture I go thru,
I still cannot explain!

You have made my life incomplete;
Thoughts of you haunt me so much;
This dormant life…
I can go thru, no more!
Every molecule in me,
Is filled wih your love,
I can never forget you,
‘Cause I still love… Only You!

How I am in Love!

a poem by Cindrela

A friend thru love and loss,
I gained in you but a life time treasure!
The jingle of your laughter
And the spell from your eyes;
The simplicity of your style
And the divinity from your heart,
Caused a reformation… to Love!

Those passionate looks,
Words as sweet as you,
Your gentle Kisses
And the warmth of your Love,
Oh! I still cannot forget!

You created this mystical experience,
That has hypnotised my senses.
You ignited some wonderful dreams,
That froze my body and soul.
Was this a magic you created?

I swirled like a gentle Ocean current,
And fell into your secure arms!
I have succumbed to you
And given my all…
You make me wonder, but say
This is “How I am in love”!!

Lost Love!

a poem by Cindrela

Admiring the beauty of a divine love,
You looked deep into my eyes…
A look that froze my self;
Leaving only the vibrating feelings!

“We were meant for each other,
Don’t ever walk away,
Stand by me forever,
And let our love Grow!”
You said all this, and more.

But why did you leave?
You gave it all…
And snatched it away without a reason!
It was very simple for you,
But how am I gonna live?
For you own my heart now!!


a poem by Cindrela

Deep down in the bottom of this heart-
The wound you have caused;
A medicine for it- will I ever find?
The laughter, smiles and dreams
We shared thru’ the days;
And the passion
We shared thru’ the nights;
Is still afresh!!
To re-live those moments, is a pleasure!
What more must I do
To show that my love for you,
Grows with every second?

Destiny is driving you in a different path,
Unable to prove the divinity of my love;
I stand, lost amidst the memories
Of our precious moments!
Nobody to stretch a helping hand
And none to mend this broken heart!

Your love for me is dead.though,
My heart will beat only for you…
Constantly… till the last breathe of my life!


a poem by Cindrela

The dawn of my life;
A new world, A new place.
Unexplainable, non-understandable,
A wonderful experience in itself!
Lamenting for all untold reasons,
But a million souls to comfort me.

As the sun rose slowly,
It opened my eyes to the next new world!
Playful instruments, Naughty gestures and pranks
Filled the days with cherished moments.
A bag packed with knowledge,
On the journey of education,
I was made to learn…
About everything which lay between
The sun and the earth and deeper!
Tears filled my eyes in many occasions,
But a thousand souls to ask why.

Shining brightly through the mid-day of my life,
Friendship, love, beauty, intelligence, philosophy…
Remained the highly explored.
Rejection to advises,
Un-necessary decisions,
Laughter for no reason,
Seeking attention!
I cried for many souls,
But only a few to share my emotions.

Responsibilities to clutch the evening of my life,
Running between a family and self,
Sacrificing, caring and jubiliating for all!
That day I cried hard,
But only one family to lend a shoulder.

Surpassing Experiences;
I experienced the awful twilight.
When care was wanted, nobody to care;
When love was asked, none to give;
No gains, only pains!
I cried for all told reasons,
But only a partner to wipe the tears!

The Night of this life,
But I have not experienced,
Something that befalls anytime,
One experience which is an assurity.

But when that Starry Night Dawned,
A million Souls weeped

A Love like our’s

a poem by Cindrela

One more Moon-Light has dawned,
But it still feels like the first time!
When you hold my hand,
You suppress all the coldness,
I move to another new world;
Where I feel your love to the fullest!

I could whisper to all the stars in the sky
And the sand’s in the beach…
“How much I love you”
And still not exhaust!
Because the love I have for you
Seems to be growing with every passing day!

Sharing the secret dreams,
Whispering into each other’s ears,
Staring into the beautiful blue sky,
Feeling the warmth of the sun
And the touch of the raindrops;
Together, this is the way we defined love!

I felt everything around me change,
I saw the beautiful paradise on earth!
You showed me what love is,
You added that wonderous touch to my life!

Whether I say it or not..
It would take a life time for me
To forget a love like our’s!

Faraway Love

a poem by Cindrela

Miles away from this land,
I can see my paradise; where you exist!
Everyday when the morning sun rises,
My thoughts find their way towards you!
Your wonderous touch,
your radiant smile,
The warmth in you!
Has never faded from my thoughts.
Everyday seems to have its own share
Of warm dreams and beautiful memories
The passion that you have kindled in my heart,
Is something that will remain aflame.
I still cannot believe we are apart,
But when I know this is real,
I become breathless!

A part of me

a poem by Cindrela

I was on my way
Finding my destination!
But I found myself incomplete,
To share my milestones- I had none.

But today beside me,
I have found someone!
There is a part of me
Which I have explored!

Is he as bright as the twinkling star,
Or is he as radiant as the sun??
Is he as warm and gentle as the summer winds,
Or is he as sparkling and precious as a gem??

But all I know is, ‘he’ is you
And you’re a special part of me!

What would I ever do without u??

Memorable Lover!

a poem by Cindrela

The long moon-lit walks,
The wonderful candle-lit dinners,
The silent, romantic evenings,
The long, passionate rides,
And those lovely holidays!

Since you’ve gone, you’ve been on this mind and…
I’ve been trying hard to fill
this emptiness;
There seems no bigger punishment
Than life!
Love is my heart…
And the tears are chocking my throat!!

You caused a calm Tornado;
Washing away all sorrows and hatred,
Leaving behind only True, Divine Love.

Shall I say it, or will You understand?
You seem so near, Yet so far and
Sharing the Calms and Storms of my life,
There is none now!!

Unforgotten Summer

a poem by Cindrela

The Summer Rains smell of our Fresh Love…
Something Pure and Unique!
The Summer Winds talk of our Love’s
Divinity and Passion.
The Blue Skies seemed nearer and closer
Only because of you!!
Your Eyes spoke a Million Languages
and drew me closer.
You walked into my life
When everything seemed Upsetting and Unfair.

We set assail through the voyage of life…
Ready to experience-
The troubles and joys together.

The Summer Winds whisper the Promises-
Something Unforgettable and untrue…
Fate…She knew our Love’s Illusions,
Something Untold but True.
You have made THAT SUMMER, ‘Unforgotten’!!

Twenty Two Days…

a poem by Cindrela

A Twenty Two Day old fortuitous Love-Affair,
Sailing between joy and happiness…
On the pellucid ocean,
We had nothing to fear!

We could not have thought of
Disasters or Tears
Neither Sadness nor Depressions…
‘Cause our voyage was smooth,
filled with closeness-
On the cool and calm ocean!

Least we could think of an ‘Ice-Berg’!
Rupturing against our ‘ship’
Like the four day old Titanic…
Which sunk, only to bury a
Legendary Love-Affair!

The Merry and Vivacious journey
Came to an end within Twenty Two days
Leaving behind painful Memories
For the Life-Through!!

I Love You

a poem by Cindrela

Love was never a fascination to me
Till I found my ray of hope – YOU.
I do not believe that I could find someone
to love just once more!
Some one whom I could love now and forever.

You have made me experience this wonderful feeling
A feeling that reflects me!
You are my unshakeable support –
From a friend to a Wonderful companion…
To you I dedicate this life!

A world without you is non-existable…
and a life without you is impossible!
If ever I could think of divine love
It is from you that I would want it.

My passion towards you is high
And my devotions towards you are divine…
Your love gives me an existence through sorrow
Should I ask for more?

Please know how grateful I am
to have found such a wonderful person
To spend the rest of my life with…!