Poems by Christopher Babu


a poem by Christopher Babu


D reams dawn and adorn us all Day – Dreams,
R ight dreams, wrong dreams – also – Night Dreams!
E nchanting, some exhilarating some… mere Dreams!
A uramatic aura fills some Dreams!
M any-a-time I dream my Dreams!
S plendid are they when they are glorious Dreams

D reams do fly plashless – I feel my… Dreams,
R arely my dreams do come true – they are Dreams!
E xpectedly I dream my Dreams,
A uspicious result of this competition on Dreams,
M akes my dream come true of the prize of Dreams!
S plendid, scintillating and lovely Dreams!

D reams come true when we strive for the Dreams!
R avishing beauties cherish my Dreams!
E xcellently they feel about my Dreams!
A mbience pervades and prevails over my Dreams!
M ascho feelings I depict in my Dreams!
S o, my youth longs for longing Dreams!

Diamonds are for Ever

a poem by Christopher Babu

Dreams come true for those who possess immensely
Immensely, diamonds elevate to great altitudes
Altitudes decide the stature of one’s measures
Measures speak of the glory of our opulence
Opulence accomplishes dream-merchants’ niche
Niche we create for those who aspire diamonds
Diamonds, dreams go together to usher in splendour
Splendour adorns the jewellery in the array!

Array of precious stones create lilting rejoice
Rejoice makes our hearts feel elated
Elated we remain whenever we feel fascinated!

Fascinated are the families that are offering
Offering the delights of diamonds they reckon
Reckon the joys of creation of the Lord Eternal!

Eternal are the ways of God who adorns value
Value grace and charm of diamonds not externally
Externally you perceive exterior charm revealed
Revealed also are those glorious intricacies!!