Poems by Chitra Sankar

Love fervor

a poem by Chitra Sankar

The sun’s scorching rays gives me a shiver,
And I feel hot as the furnace in the drizzle of the rain,
All these changes are the cause of love fever.
And when in your thoughts I feel no pain.

Though I feel hungry not a morsel I am able to swallow
In the darkest night I feel the sun’s brightness when with you.
When I go to sleep I feel there are thorns on my pillow.
And all these changes are happening only since I met you.

True Friends

a poem by Chitra Sankar

Who is your true friend?
The one who their shoulders lend,
And cheer you in your deepest sorrow,
Or one who your joys only borrow.

Who is your true friend?
The one who their ears lend,
To hear your sad tearful stories,
Or one who enjoys only your glories.

Is there really a true friend!
I need just one of that kind,
Who will abide by my in times of joy and sorrow,
‘Do not worry, I am there for you’ said my shadow.

Dreamy Possibilities

a poem by Chitra Sankar

Anything is possible in a dream
To reach the clouds,
And touch the moon’s beams.
A Dream has no bounds.

Anything is possible in a dream
A lion’s den to share,
Gives you the shivers and you scream,
From this wildest nightmare.

Anything is possible in a dream,
To see the many lost faces from the past,
Your eyes with a smile would gleam,
You will crave the dream forever to last.

Anything is possible in a dream
Takes you into the blissful virtual world,
And so real your dreams may seam,
Your heart will yearn for this dream world.

Eternal Friendship

a poem by Chitra Sankar

I was sitting on the seashore,
With the waves lapping at my feet,
Thinking of the days of yore.
I traveled back in time,
I heard the school bells chime
The school days had come to an end.
My friend my hand securely held.
To pull it away
Tore my heart.
Friendship is eternal and forever
We wrote in our autographs.
Suddenly behind me some laughs,
Jolted me to the present.
To die, was friendship meant?
No, The memories of fun galore,
That we had in the days of yore
Will forever be cherished,
For Friendship is eternal
And will never be perished.

An ode to Granny

a poem by Chitra Sankar

My Granny was a god-sent angel,
Her love flowed deep as the dell.
All the buds in the garden that flowered,
Spoke of the incessant love she showered.
My Granny was a heavenly fairy,
Her smile chided us when weary.
All the stars in the sky that sparkled,
Spoke of her memories that were jeweled.
My Granny was an angel – a fairy,
As I watched the Night sky that was starry,
Suddenly the moon into her face transformed,
I saw the beams transcend,
And down my cheeks tickled
Heard her voice say
Be brave my child,
Come what may.

Honesty Lane

a poem by Chitra Sankar

Once, I drove down Honesty Lane,
All I could see was a dishonest face.
I knocked the doors of Honesty lane,
All I could hear was a dishonest Laugh.
I Looked thru the windows of Honesty Lane,
All I could see was a dishonest smile.
I drove down the winding ways,
To find of honesty a trace.
When I realised I drove to a dead end,
An old hag, my car window Knocked.
I asked her ‘where can I find Honesty?’
She did not answer,
Instead held up a mirror,
which reflected my own dishonest face.

Joys of Separation

a poem by Chitra Sankar

I see you in the flowers,
I Transform as your fragrance.
I see you in the moon,
I Transform as your Radiance.
With you in my heart,
I see you in all my Dreams,
And your heart’s radiant beams,
Sparkle thru’ my smiles.
Though Separated by many miles.

Info Highway

a poem by Chitra Sankar

Poets have talked about Nature, Moon and love,
To those great souls I indeed Bow.
I, this poem to internet dedicate,
That’s the topic of the date.
You call it the information storehouse,
through which people surf and browse.
Your thirst for data it quenches.
In the info rain it drenches.
You call it Magic at your fingers,
The aftermath forever it lingers.
This aura has all possessed.
This fever has all obsessed.
This Aura is the Internet;
This fever is the Internet;
The only web that’s a maze,
Of chaos there’s no trace.
This web weaved across the world,
It makes you an info nerd.