Poems by Chili Dog


a poem by Chili Dog

Warm and wet, hungry for each other,
Lovingly entwined, submerged.deep inside.
The power of loving, of giving, of sharing
Of holding and touching, and kissing and stroking.
What brings us together, what keeps us apart?

Fate, destiny, a time to learn?
A need to love, a need to be loved?
The chemistry is real
What will keep it alive?
Curiosity, giving, surrender?

A trust that abandon will be safe.
A haven to explore
The shadows, the light, the curves of your body
The taste of your skin, the look in your eyes
The feel of you deep inside me.

I look behind and I look ahead
Many roads, many turns
Many ways to go
Beautiful pathways, roads pitted with holes
Flowers and sunshine, thorns and clouds.

Two ships that meet briefly in the dark?
Or two boats in a safe harbor?
Whatever has passed, and whatever will be
In this moment out of eternity
There is only us.


a poem by Chili Dog

The cold New Year
Brings with it hope
Cold winter nights
Short winter days
Sweaters and mufflers
Cuddling and warmth

But for those on the streets
No joy, hope or warmth
A struggle for survival
A hard fight for life

Then comes the springtime
The beginning of new life
Babies, flowers, awakening.
Young loves, new dreams, new lives

The onset of summer
Sun high in the sky
Our love is now older
Please don’t let it die

The leaves have turned color
The north wind starts to blow
Our love is so precious
But will it survive?

With Autumn comes colors
Gold everywhere
The leaves are all falling
Is our love still alive?

I look all around me
The trees are all bare
Cold fingers around me
Darkness everywhere

I lie in the cold
The wind in my hair
And long for the warmth
Of a heart that really cares.

Loving you, Leaving you

a poem by Chili Dog

The story of our lives
The time has come
To start again
To start anew
To start afresh
To start our lives
To begin forever
To begin eternity.

Two weeks of joy
Of laughter and tears
Of loving and learning
Our dreams and our fears
I need to be with you
To hold you and touch you
To feel you against me
On me, inside me
Holding me, completing me…
Why aren’t you with me?

Your sweet smile and melting eyes
Your voice in my ears
The sound of your breathing
Of your heart beating
Hard and soft
Gentle and rough…
I love you to love me
To hold and caress me
To tell me you love me
And that you are mine

I give you my love
I give you my life
I give you my hopes
I give you my dreams
My happiness is yours
The pain will be ours
We will laugh with the angels
And cry with the rain
The tears and the joy
Will make us one again

Separation is hard
For two as close as we
A necessary evil
A hard cross to bear
I love you, my darling
I hold you in my heart
And until we are together
Whole and complete
I will dream of you…
Hold you and touch you
I am yours forever
And you are mine.

Did I remember…?

a poem by Chili Dog

To tell you how I feel about you
to tell you how much I miss you
the feel of your arms, your skin, your breath?
To tell you that you are my life
my love, my heart, my being?

My dreams, both waking and asleep
are filled with you, and me, and us.

I glow with joy
I smile with love
I laugh with happiness
the happiness of a dream fulfilled.

Where did I find you?
What did I do?
I thank the stars, the heaven above
for bringing you into my life.

Did I remember
to thank you
for the joy and happiness
you give me?
For the smiles and sweet thoughts
that fill my day?

My life is filled with love and hope
a lifetime of happiness
of caring and tenderness
of laughter and joy.

We are two flowers on a single branch
we will live together and love together
laugh together and cry together
grow old together and gray together.

My darling love, my sweetest joy
I will be yours forever.
Did I remember
to tell you how much I love you?


a poem by Chili Dog

This journey from birth to death
Many moments, flashes in time.
Happiness, joy, sadness and pain
All meaningless.

We were born to be alone
And alone is what we will be
For all the ships that cross our paths
Are momentary.

Friends and lovers come and go
And darkness falls around us
A new day, a new beginning
And a new sun is shining.

And when the lights fade slowly
And when the night sets in
Bodies mingle, entwined and warm
The soul remains alone.

For loneliness rests within us
Dormant or awake
And mingled bodies, entwined and warm
Do nothing to diminish it.

And all the fantasies that man creates
Attempting to fill his soul
Love and marriage, families and children
Are clouds that hide the rain.

For, as we make this journey from birth to death
Attempting to give life meaning
We start alone and end alone
But must we shatter the illusion?

Those brief moments of joy
Those unending moments of pain
Are those the ones that set us free
And finally make life worth living?

The answers are not clear to me
But as I sit here typing
I know that without my dreams
I might as well be dying.


a poem by Chili Dog

Mirrors on the walls
Music in the air
A swaying body in the half-light of candles
She touches herself
Hands in her hair
Moving downward
Stroking, caressing, playing.

Her body moves gracefully
Gently to the melody
The eyes that are watching her
Make her come alive.
Alive in the half-light of candles
Music in the air.

Who is this figure?
This shadowy wraith
Half child, half woman
Exciting my senses
Fulfilling my dreams
Do I know her?

The shadows hide her
The music caresses her
Her hands reveal her.
Glowing skin, swaying limbs
Big, black eyes
A sweet, sweet smile
Melting, beckoning, seducing.

I reach out to touch her
She sways out of my reach
My heart beats faster
I know I must have her
To make me complete

She is my woman
I am her man
How can I keep her
And make her mine?

Crystal Darkness

a poem by Chili Dog

I walked in darkness all alone
Never a soul around
No helping hand, no kindly heart
Just emptiness

And as I walked, there was a light,
A bright and glorious star.
I reached out, what could it be?
And would it warm my heart?

My hands were cold, my heart was pounding
Dare I take the risk?
For every time I found a star,
There was a fire burning.

A fire that would warm my heart
A fire that was loving
A fire that would take my soul
And burn it into nothing.

Walking on, I heard a sound
A sound like breaking glass.
I turned, to find scattered all around
The pieces of my broken heart.

They say that love can give you life
They say that love can make you whole
They say that love can bring great joy
And make your life worth living.

They do not tell you of the pain
And all the dips and valleys.
They do not tell you of the fire
That can leave you dying.

We come alone and go alone
And whatever shall be shall be.
I look at the pieces of my broken heart
And weep for what could be.

But as I walk along today
Baptised in fire, and carved from stone
I know that I can love again
And will for evermore.

For love is all we have to show
On that final judgement day.
And as I love, I shall be loved
For love is here to stay.