Poems by Chetan Bhatia

Please don’t go away

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Once upon a time,
a fairytale so true;
blessed were my stars,
I proposed you…

You came so early,
from so far away…
like a dream of many past lives,
became so real today.

When in love,
life becomes a tale of romance…
When with love,
world is full of fragrance.

Love is my reason,
to eat and sleep,
love is my ocean,
to swim far and deep…

Hidden in your eyes,
mysteries of cosmos infinite,
dipped in milky moon,
is my beautiful starlit night.

Cocktail so exotic,
wine and chocolate chips,
taste of honey,
are your blood red lips…

In the desert of hardness,
happiness flows like nile,
cure for all my ills,
the glow of ya beautiful smile.

Every night I count my blessings,
something god gives to chosen few,
thanks a million to the great lord,
I got you

Please please please,
never say you will go away,
without you in this life…

I hate you

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

I hate you,
for not being around;
so I miss ya,
ya sight and ya sound.

I hate you,
when you hold me tight,
without you, I feel lonely,
and suffocate whole night.

I hate you
cos you love me more,
I return with million,
you reply with crore.

I hate you,
for ya adorable care,
when ya get close to whisper,
the way you warm up the air.

I hate you
when you do a baby face,
I just lose control,
for many nights and days.

I hate you
you are so beautiful and pure,
with so many goody goodies
I feel so insecure.

I hate you
for not hating me,
except stupidity I have nothing,
neither looks nor money.

Suffering in your absence…

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Between us we romance,
Across hundreds of miles;
Like a ocean of tears;
Between two coast of smiles.

At times I just stare with hope,
Towards you in the empty space;
And then shut my eyes,
So that you don’t get to see a loser’s face.

For my unhappiness out here,
Beside my destiny I blame few;
But I am to be blamed,
For the pain of not being around you.

Extinction of love in my life,
True pleasure becomes rare;
Living away from my sweetheart,
Makes suffering my breathing air.

Counting lifetimes on my finger tips,
Between the times we met;
So much more I owe you,
In time and feelings I am in debt.

Career in Sales

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

In the mid of night,
While the noise falls sleep;
The moon is high
And the dark is painted deep.

With no dreams to visit,
Like a tour to empty space;
Sleep is just a splitting comma,
Between two frustrating phase.

With a broken compass,
Enthusiasm has gone hollow;
Don’t know where am I heading,
Just a travelling program to follow.

Sometimes I scare myself,
Cos I cant find me;
Stranger is all I hear,
Stranger is all I see.

Lest the day is over,
Like a thorn hill I tread;
Si I yearn for the lonely night;
Like the life after dead.

Imprisoned in a time warp,
Fallen for a one way trap;
You may call it earning livelihood,
I just know its holy cow’s crap.

Dreams are big casualty,
Surrendered is my desire;
Vision was once my pride,
Now leftover is just smoke of wet fire.

Flames of creativity once roared the sun,
Heart and brain of others was once my aim;
Now sales and numbers is all I do,
Jugglery is all I game.

Home sweet home

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Even in the midst of an ocean of women,
I feel so out of place;
Like a three year old lost in a party of strangers,
Searching for his mother in each and every face.

At my favourite place of worship,
I usually lose the cue;
While talking to God,
I start to think about you.

You are my biggest strength,
Without which I can’t go long;
And you are my biggest weakness,
Cos for me, you couldn’t do no wrong.

I love you so much not so much for,
Without you I can’t survive;
But I love you so much,
For only with you I will be happiest man alive.

When days pass in distances,
Wandering heart begin to roam;
Invariably I feel cut off,
Desperately miss my home sweet home.

Between jobs

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

The most beautiful dreams,
Of most peaceful sleep;
Are now my favourite reasons,
For the most tearful sleep.

Everyday I convince myself,
Like swallowing pills of hope;
Self-motivation is now addiction,
Like cheap, easy dope.

Too dumb to win,
Too scared to lose;
Just playing along,
As I got no other destiny to choose.
I am playing life,
Like a curious juggle;
From a boy to a man,
This puberty is a struggle.

Trespassing manhood,
Leaping blindly into the dark;
As of now still to be a man,
Still to make my mark.

As a boy I grew up,
With dreams and fears;
As a man I possess,
Only nightmares and tears.

Endless Love

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Every night after every day,
and each morning after each night;
I search your sweet sound,
and your unforgettable sight.

Dreams are like rivers,
ending in the ocean of your thoughts,
loving you is like a blessing from destiny,
just waiting to tie the ceremonial knot.

Temptations of your scent,
intoxication of your stare;
indulgence in your thoughts,
and living on your care.

I am torn

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

As the battles become endless,
and fight seems to go on;
one become suspicious of its own existence,
waiting for darkness to wake the dawn.

Losing my way to victory,
just to win my own loss;
accelerating towards nowhere,
heading head on without cause.

Like a sheep in a wolf skin,
unable to act for which I was born;
bleating a roar onto others,
desperately expressing that I am torn.

Wish I could say more

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Wish the card could describe
Where even the beauty of night fails
Wish the words were enough
When I communicated my love through mails

Wish there was way I could show you my love
Wish there was a way I could express my pain
Wish there was a way I can tell you how much I miss you
Wish I could show you how is it, in midst of desert, to wait for rain.

Passing Winters

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Under the hardened skin,
Behind the warrior face;
Lies Armour laded innocence,
Looking out for some free space.

In midst of winds of selfishness,
All cold and dry;
A lost child within me,
Feel nervous and shy.

Betrayed by the puberty,
Shaken by the dreams;
Fatigued by my own weight,
Lost by my own team.

In the poetry of life,
Prose seems to be the thorn;
Such a drastic has been change in milieu,
That I cry like a new born.

So much so I wanted the winters to end,
So much so were the summers a desire;
That I fail to see the heat stroke come,
That I walked on amber and breathed fire.

It all will make sense,
I hope at the end of the day;
If there is darkness and night,
There has to be dawn and light of ray.

Love – my air

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Without you, every breath I take,
Like a puff of fumes without hope;
Without you, the charm of life,
Like the hangover after cheap dope.

Every breath of my love,
Makes a cloud float;
Sailing across the sky on cloud nine,
As I cross the sky on cloud boat.

Beyond land beyond ocean,
Beyond hypnotizing exotic scent;
Your fragrance belittles Eden,
Paradise is what I meant.


a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Every stare of your eyes,
Makes my heart smoke;
Indians take it as a signal,
Your love massacred an innocent bloke.

Your love runs through my veins,
Like lava hot and red;
I feel your presence in my fingers,
And I feel you in my head.

I burn in your absence,
I burn in your desire;
Without you, I live in boiler room,
And I sleep on the bed of pyre.

Your killer looks and the stellar beauty,
Make the sparks fly,
Intense passion and deep love,
Make the mercury reach new high.

My Basic Education

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Love your family with all your heart,
Believe in Almighty’s glory;
Cast your fears within the confident mould,
RK will tell you all this like a fairytale story.

With professionalism and hard work,
Sincerity is what BOND define;
Be practical and logical,
Duty is above interest of yours and mine.

Everybody deserves another chance,
Mother TAVLEEN will forgive your sins;
As per her, no one hates each other,
As we all are friends and kins.

Excelling in handling people and situations,
Most optimistic person by far;
Doesn’t let the emotions reflect,
ATIKA portraits the masterpiece PR.

Guru of all management gurus,
Full of attitude and rockin’
LINGU is like a smooth operator,
Believe in more action than talkin’.

Good guys go long,
Watch SANDY to believe all this;
Learn to go deep with everyone,
Keep your passions alive even if its is as stupid as business quiz…

Thanks to ASHU’S way of life,
He become friend in need angel indeed;
Act as a basin for tears and fears,
Gotta heart to follow and brain to lead

>From JD I learned so much,
How could you prosper and live long;
If you don’t spread happiness,
And keep your relationship strong…

Take away my pains

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

With lot of anxiety in my mind,
My shoulders braving so many tons;
But you take away all my tensions,
And gave me a set of new ones.

You have become the part and parcel,
Of everything I plan to do;
Every second of every hour of every day,
I just think about you.

I look for you,
In every beautiful face;
I am out of breadth and out of words;
For your glory and for your praise.

You have become an addition,
For your ears and eyes;
We two are like two for joy,
You are my angel in disguise.

I love you…

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

I remember you from my last life,
Every moment in my heart;
Let us start it all over again,
From the minute we got apart.

What others have in mind,
I got in my hand;
What others get in heaven,
I got it here on land.

Like a night’s moon,
Playing a magical tune;
Queen came into my life,
From the city of sand dune.

I want to say so much to you,
With so much to say yet few;
In everything, it is you, I see,
In everything just pretty, just for me.

So beautiful like a mountain view,
So innocent like morning dew;
Came into my life like desert rose,
Without you my heart will freeze;
Your smile takes away all my pain,
Cleansing my thoughts like the first rain;
When I look into your beautiful eyes,
I feel the depth of paradise;
After listening to your sweet voice,
Everything else seems polluted noise;
Your fragrance gave me a new high,
So happy so as to touch the sky;
You are the queen of my dreams,
With you times passes before it seems;
You must be the god’s masterpiece art,
For me you are the heart of my heart;
To me you are like water to fishes,
And you are the answer to all my wishes;
Your touch makes my heart miss a beat,
I feel electric shock from head to feet;
My ship will anchor on your shore,
You are the home I was looking for.

I want to say so much to you,
Or just… I love you.