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I asked the night, last night, where was I
The moon replied, in the high tide
The swelling mirror of waves
The unruly pulses
In the plebiscite of likes n not much likes
In the wait for morning stars to lead me out of me
Is it that I cannot be me
Or can’t be with me.
I asked the night, last night, where was I?


His life asked him his identity
I say it’s an unseasonal drop on the pane,
Just a vagabond bard,
A silent crooner
Sans a meaning.

Meaning is a frame
A frame which defines,
But a drop is a drop
From somewhere up to somewhere down,
From a vastness to a vastness
A drop, a bard, a nothing…
When has a no thing been any thing?
His life asked him his identity,
I say it’s any thing that’s your thing…

(On my way to office today, amidst weeping clouds, to be something)

Grey Goose

How much do I trespass,
How much do I rock,
How much do I disorient,
I pledge now to trudge along,
Splash water playing on a dark rainy road,
All within.

Grey never colours,
Would never it seems,
But this heart,
Would never,
Stop in grey.

This shiver and darkness don’t move,
What do I do?

Here and Now

Am I here,
Am I now,
There is stillness within,
The neons outside look foolish,
Someday they would know,
But till then let me blink in duet.

Many are gone,
Many more to trudge along,
Some moment,
When the wind blows fresh,
I’d be here and now!

Till the skylark looks back,
I am here and now.


There were no shackles,
no pretensions,
we were all full,
with life in exuberance.
I did not know that times change,
so fast,
the young are gone,
life is shackled,
none to preserve the moments,
where am I
and where do I head?
She brought life,
she cried for us,
She was the epitome.
She is gone,
the lights get dim,
so sudden,
so fast,
She taught me the temporariness,
the hollow.
For the rest of the period,
I would strive to get her,
out of the closet.

Whole Sky

The stars are asking,
If you know who I am?
I am the whole, the journey.

The stars are asking,
If you know what I do?
I reflect, with my gaze.

The stars are asking,
If you know where I go?
I go nowhere, I traverse all.

The stars are asking,
If you know why I am?
I am what I am, a pebble with moss.

A Priori

Beyond the wailing weeds,
stood the shocked eyes,
not a hand to pat,
not a soul left
to cry on,
there I go,
a being with myself,
waiting for the same,
Heart is for heart’s sake
if tears are for the parched,
let me drink,
the nectar of deprivation.

I see my SUN,
my MOON,
till demise,
I breathe,
sans humanity.