Poems by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

I seek thee to be my mentor

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Please take me under thy angelic wing
Be my teacher, philosopher and friend
Across the distance, I hear angels sing
In praise of thee, flowers they descend.

As I touch paper to pen from now
Thy light shall glow within my soul
Let the finest essence of poetry show
Your hand over mine, makes me whole.

Be the shoulder on which I may lean
To become a better poetess as I pledge
Reawaken my consciousness deep within
So it may resonate with thy knowledge.

Guide me through my fears and indecisions
Using order, clarity and deep insight
With the power of a master’s precision
And confidence, let us soar into the light.

Please take me under thy angelic wing
For my highest good and greatest joy
May the angel of creativity then sing
Of thee to be my poetry Malach boy.

Radhey and Krishna (Pantoum)

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

On a beautiful starry flight
Lost in each others eyes
Embracing the young night
Sweet Radhey with Krishna flies

Lost in each others eyes
In the scented jasmine garden
Sweet Radhey with Krishna flies
Each other they bless and pardon

In the scented jasmine garden
Krishna plays his enticing flute
Each other they bless and pardon
Radhey enchanted is mute

Krishna plays his enticing flute
Embracing the young night
Radhey enchanted is mute
On a beautiful starry flight.

Seven of Wands

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Seven of Wands (A Minor Arcana Tarot Card of being spurred by competition)

Breathing hard determined to defend
Atop the hill I stood, a strong and brave man
Holding my staff tightly clenched in both hands
Secretly wishing for the flash, of a fairy’s magic wand!

Facing a lot of competition head-on
My days of peace into the oblivion have gone
A horrible hour brought this rough time in my life
My soulmate’s love gives me the strength to strife!

Waiting for the right moment to strike
Adrenaline gushes through my blood, I feel like an apple red ripe
My inner strength and stamina now fully charged
Power-packed, waiting to hit hard!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going
I feel the magnificent power these words do bring
Mental and physical work pressures escalate high
Oh how I now long for a chocolate chip pie!

God helps those who help themselves
Within each of us, resides a magic elf
Awaken him, then see the fun
Your power will shine, just like the sun!

Full of strength I stand tall
As threatening enemies around me now crawl
Beaten and retreating from the mountain top
Their evil intentions my strong will did chop!

My talents wisely and foresight I did use
To knock off the obstacles in my path profuse
The red banner of celebration in my heart flies high
As one by one, my six enemies, slowly slip by!

Eight of Cups

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

(Eight of Cups – A Minor Arcana Tarot Card of Leaving Behind Attachments)

Gazing at the moon on this cold winter night
I walk towards barren mountains eager to gain spiritual insight
My small eyes full of tears mirror dissatisfaction
Oh life give me more, I yearn to learn from creation!

I think of the Great Buddha, as I pick up my staff
Leaving behind abundant attachments, I feel I’ve enjoyed enough
Material things I no longer wish to accept
Upon the Source of creation, I’m keen to project!

The moon up above, a little quarter
Marks the end of a troublesome matter
Depicting deceit, disappointment and disillusion
I feel the eagerness to travel, until I sense completion!

Then I cast my eyes upon the full moon
A radiant evening pearl, Mother Nature’s boon
That sleeps in the morning and shines abundantly at night
Reflecting sunlight, it makes me feel bright!

Turning my back on eight neatly lined cups
I bid goodbye to relationships that had bond me so much
Blessing them with abundance, I move on
A traveller on foot, ready to welcome the dawn!

Nine of Pentacles

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Nine of Pentacles (A Minor Arcana card of personal security)

Holding my wealth close at hand
Firmly planted, on Mother Earth I stand
With the strong support of mountains behind me
Atop my gloved hand, a hooded hunting bird, good news which brings!

I feel as peaceful as Kuan Yin
Secured with abundance of all I need
Looking back upon the fruits of my hard work
I affirm, “Thank You Lord for giving me enough!”

My beautiful vineyard, rich with fruit
Ripe berries hang, oh they look so cute
Everything is so clean and green
Contented in spirit now, I just want to beam!

The Sun (Major Arcana Tarot Card)

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Burning bright, brilliant beautiful star
You take me to a world so far
Fulfilling my deepest desires and dream
You paint my life pretty, with abundant cream!

The grace of your friendly face
All my worry does erase
Restoring my breath, oh so calm
Balanced and blessed, with wit and charm!

Strong as a horse, fresh as a flower
Sunclad and radiant, I enjoy this hour
Barriers crossed, unafraid I feel
Ready to enjoy an organic meal!

New purpose now fills my life
Your warmth infuses magic in me to strive
Happy and thankful, I bow before Thee
Then off I go, across the seven seas!

Planetarian Haiku

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Small wanderer
Swift on his travel-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brilliant light
Abundant with love-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fierce red
On a wobbly erratic path-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Precious stone
With warmly coloured striations-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yellow giant
Wearing rings of ice and rock-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Slow moving
Giant with rings-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Confused deceived giant
Imagines, idealises, creates-

A Happy Memory on AP

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Unaware of the lanturne form
Upon Carter Tachikawa’s contest, that day, I stumbled on
“Write-a-lanturne Ends in Two Days contest”
No time to rest, I put my mind to test!

Reading his rules clearly
Deep into this form, I decided to see
An encouraging contest, a new form
I checked my watch, it ended at dawn!

Soon I got busy, like a bee
Lanturnes were all, my eyes could see
Getting the image down just right
Counting syllables, I fought my sleep that night!

At last my lanturne looked just right
Oh my, that was sheer delight
Thanking my Muse, I switched off the light
And kissed the moon, a sweet goodnight!

Carter was an encouraging host
Helpful and warm, like butter on toast
Inspiring and motivating were his words
Like the morning’s first song of birds!

In disbelief, next morn, I stared at the screen
Upon my lips, a smile did beam
I saw the Bronze Trophy I’d won
Oh my, my ‘First Bronze’, home you’d finally come!