Poems by Blaze

Don’t think I love you

a poem by Blaze

Baby… don’t feel guilty
There’s nothing you can do
If you feel I’m not the one for you.

I don’t need your pity
I don’t think any more about you
And I know… you’ve forgotten me too.

Oh listen… don’t think I’ll love you
After all that you did
And don’t think I still miss you
No. I don’t think about your kiss
What you did has turned me to this-
Now, I don’t sleep
So I wouldn’t dream about you
And I don’t visit places
That remind me of you
I don’t think of the sunsets
That I watched with you
I’ve shut myself in
Cause I’m so used to
Facing the world with you
I don’t answer the phone
Cause what if it’s you?
I think of all I do
And try as I might
I can’t get used to
Not thinking about you all the time
But Oh listen… Don’t think I still love you.

Until the next time…

a poem by Blaze

I thought I would tell you today
My feelings- all in a line
But when we were face to face
I thought, well, next time.
Days go by and so do weeks
I never made up for the lost time
Gave in to all those fears
By always saying next time.
I gave a bold front out
But feared the world inside
Try as I might all it summed up to
Was a next time
At last I mustered up the courage
And came to you with a smile
But one look at you and the feeling returned
I just couldn’t do it this time.
You were to walk down the aisle
Happy as a lark with your bride
And I was jolted to the present
It was too late for the next time.

Part of my soul

a poem by Blaze

I think of you
I think of your heart
And then I feel alone
An emptiness inside
Coz thought we are close
Could you ever be mine?
And then I rethink
That I wanna be
A part of your soul
So I wanna be
Your hope when there’s none
A prayer when you need one
Your strength when you fall
The first one you’ll call
When you are falling apart
I know it in my heart
That I wanna be
An image in your thoughts
An illusion of your dreams
A tear in your eyes
A tinkle of your smile
So even if you’re not with me
You’re always there
If not in person
Then in all that I do
And try as I might
I can’t let go
Of this feeling inside
Coz if I do so
I’ll lose the meaning of my life.


a poem by Blaze

That day when you left
I locked up my memories
In my heart they were kept.
I needed no pain
Cause nothing it gains
But you saw that I wept.

And oh then I thought
I’d melted your heart
But the look that you gave me
Just left me amazed
This wasn’t what I’d dreamt.

Deception, rejection
The hurt and the pain
The sweet talk, the love songs
And then anger and hate.
You came in my life
And twisted my world
But it was all fake
Oh I should’ve known.

I thought I wouldn’t cry
I thought I would live
And smile through my pain
Didn’t want to give in
But now as I walk
In the streets all alone
There’s a noise there’s a blur
All sweet things are gone.
The signboards are flashing
The big fancy cars
The ladies are walking
To big fancy marts.
It seems they are all screaming
Oh I want a way out
No time for confusion
There’s no love around.
This city is such
It gives you so much
But this is just where
I lost my Sweet One.