Poems by Binita M Shah

Grandeurs of Time

a poem by Binita M Shah

Smooth gusts of winds felled its flow with your memories
First downpour droplet soaked nature and my soul
Clouds ran across embracing ocean
Fetching waters of emotions

Eternally rain floods externally; still my heart is desert dry
Every moment’s I live are mirages of hope
Which your presence left – wet imprinting my soul

Shimmering images of past
Portraying colors of passionate present
Here comes pompous future with perquisite colors of Joy.


a poem by Binita M Shah

In my “Dreams”; I saw a Pegasus come flying to me
Its exotic looks captivated my fascinations
Eyes of whose sparkled with passionate zeal and Inquisitions
Fluttering its wings in Hover
Irksome – Loathfully it fall on ground near to Me.

I rushed, Patting it up giving it water and sugar cubes to eat
I caressed it with warmth.
Healed it with unconditional security and care
Time flew with wings on oceanic waves of life.

Soon we shared same emotional bonds
where no exoticness prevailed of ethnicity for us
Where we shared same language of emotions and care
Was it a merger of Earth and Sky?
I saw Pegasus flying me up through out world on its back.

Soon birds larked with wet dew drops in early dawn
Rays of Gold waking me up from my world of dreams
I dismayed to seek Pegasus
Alas!!! No where It could be found, it was all just a Dream!!!

I Miss You

a poem by Binita M Shah

Piers of Dead Emotional woods – Arbitrating you and me
Alas!! Again transpired eternity periods of Silence
Here cries my serenity in burning desire for your love
I lure for time to fly back in your warm arms

Iterations of “Sorries” finite times, thou still ask for more
Every golden morning same accusations tears my heart and soul
Lingeringly dies, life of our passionate Love
With you tenaciously living Past, leaving all aisles for present and future

Stay – Immortally in my life, heart and soul
I’ll hide you inside my heart with Null worldly assortments.
I’ll shelter thou with my emotions, roof of care and food of unconditional love
Hold your every tear in my palms before they touch ground

Come soon cause “I Miss you”
Golden pathway to love is full of thorns but we together can share eternal bliss
Come before my last breath; That – I may die in thou Arms.

Quest for Happiness

a poem by Binita M Shah

Infinite year’s I besought for “Tranquil Happiness”
Endless quest for Security and Salvation
Soul went into Masquerades of Eternity Re-Cycles

I sought to thee – My Intimates, ally
And Familiar Strangers of Past Reincarnations
Fathomed with Endless loops of “Dire Expectations”

I Sat for Edges on Hermit Wall Intermediary to Society and Success
Where Am I? Who Am I? What Am I? What’s my Goal on Earth?
What’s Good? What’s Bad?
I lost; I won Many battles to my heart and soul

Suddenly flash of abstract light pierced on my soul; My eye’s sparkled
Enlightening my Soul with wet – footprints of “Self -Evolution”
External Search relinquished with Internal realms of Soul quest.
Alas! Happiness lies in me escorting its way to ladders of “Salvation.”