Poems by Bindia Rajpal

The Pathways of Life

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

It was a reel of film racing ahead,
When yesterday the sea beckoned.
It’s waves holding aloft a hardy boat,
the busy commerce of the place,
the balmy breeze fanning the cheek.
Now I traverse the mountain path,
the untrodden, the majestic sight,
and I pitted against the grandeur.
Each step must be carefully trod,
each bone must be stretched
to play the part nature allotted it.
Fragile and weak in body, in will
strong as the craggy cliff.

The fertile valleys slip past like a dream,
The dusty desert dunes don their ochre robes.
Fierce and strong Nature rises again,
the eye surveys the wilderness vast,
the barren beauty with its terrible charm.
Hardy and roughened it’s denizens,
weather beaten and yet carrying on.

Thus blows the life giving breath,
Through myriad lands and mighty shores,
The wooded glade, the treacherous ways,
The fierce cataract, the peaceful ponds,
So different yet so strangely same,
Life goes on in different modes.


a poem by Bindia Rajpal

A truth exists if you must know,
Life and death are friends not foe,
When rot sets in life must sprout,
Magnificence ascends nary a doubt,

It is I agree an observed fact,
Falsehood, greed have formed a pact,
I’ll give my all for a gain,
Deaf to someone’s cry of pain.

Money and fame – its all a game,
Fortune’s fickleness chasten and tame.
But life does often kick in the rear,
Can wealth then wipe the flowing tear?

What about delving into the past?
When great cultures did their brilliance cast?
Those good times of yonder years,
Memory bountiful its head rears.

The seesaw of living has its fall,
After each era has given it’s all.
Other’s labours grant reprieve to some,
Complacency making their minds numb.

A few figures however remain in time,
Who tenaciously the ladder climb,
Let the world go it’s decadent way,
They illuminate like a glorious ray.

Piercing the gloomy crevices of hell,
Create in it’s midst a heavenly dell.

Fashion yourself anew

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

Pretty bows on lovely dresses,
Bounces and flounces and radiant tresses,
Pastel colours with vivid splashes,
Girding tiny waists some satiny sashes.

Clad in rosy velvet gowns,
Cascading with a brilliance that astounds,
Flowers and ferns fashion Nature,
Giving it an ethereal stature.

Tall trees observers wise,
Testimony to time that flies.
Clouds edged with silver trimming,
Turquoise lakes with water brimming.

Nature’s modes of fashion has man long known,
Styling himself, with dazzling garments shorn.
Minis, gowns, trousers, bands,
Variety, variance, differences fanned.

Just like a rainbow crowning the sky,
Highlighting the horizon’s expanse so high,
Fashion experts, couture houses strive,
To bring the beauty of the human form alive.

Like the rising sun on the desert sand
A dot of orange on a forehead bland.
The clouds that swirl around in strange shapes,
Lacy dresses which feminine figures drape.

Kurtas flowing loosely or churidars tight,
Fashion must complement not give a fright.
Wearing what brings out one’s essential essence,
Dressing up requires some important lessons.

Why overdo and pile oneself up,
With jewellery, makeup and all that stuff.
There is a quieter, subtler way,
Like the morning rays which light the day


a poem by Bindia Rajpal

Money most enigmatic, a thing problematic.
Money that elixir of life or a source of worries rife?
Some say that money holds their problems at bay,
Others its evils expound, scandals aplenty the country hound.

The common belief that prevails! money brings glory in its trail.
Why then does happiness seldom come, with the tune of money on every tongue?
There’s a secret I know, and I’ll tell it to friend and foe,
To make wealth really grow, happiness on others first bestow,

A paradox though it may seem,
Generosity and riches form a great team.
Stop counting the money in your bank,
Help men and women of every rank.

Diamonds…The Gems of Wisdom

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

When an individual his individuality loses,
Just because of the ornamentation he chooses,
What worth is that jewellery pray,
If goodness around it’s edges begins to fray.

Diamonds those dazzling gems!
Stones from which greed and power stems.
I would rather stark plainness in my face did stare,
Than be covered in their blinding glare.

For when diamonds become worthier than man,
It’s time to announce a lifetime ban.

If only we did take another view,
Diamonds can form a philosophy new…

Buried for long under the hard ground,
Nature makes sure its benefits abound,
Trees that were long dead and gone,
Are with riches newly born.

After decades of activities unseen,
As if under someone’s supervision keen,
Treasures are stored in the earth’s core.
That man with enterprise may bring to fore.

Empowering our factories and our homes,
Nature gifts us with many stones,
Man ferrets out pebbles so dull hued
With labour great making them fit to be viewed.

Let then the matter rest at that,
Mined from the deep, stones that in darkness sat,
Teach us only to remember one priceless thing…
A night of toil will a glittering new morning bring.