Poems by Bhuvaneswari C

His Omnipresence

a poem by Bhuvaneswari C

My thoughts dwell on the Lord,
The omnipotent God,
In all humans, animals and just plain, simple air.
His Resplendent Supremacy is the essence,
And I am touched by His Magical Omnipresence.
Is He less beautiful in another than in me?
Is He less magical in the rich than the poor;
In one caste than another;
In kith and kin than a stranger?
Melting into His presence, the realisation dawns,
All else is sundry,
Only He will persist,
Only He shall exist;
While all else to nothingness sinks.

The Mortal

a poem by Bhuvaneswari C

Oh woeful creature of all!!
Who denies the presence of God in you
How dost thou profess to forget His Immanence
Succumbing to the lure of tempestuous ignorance
Striving to entrench your soul in vile imagination
To help you to your evil destination.
Know, oh stranger!
The soul is in no danger.
So eternal and pure,
IT can live without you for sure;
Your demoralised way IT will not go;
It is for you to follow
Your Soul:
You may not where,
But sufficient the soul is aware:
For it is you, who cannot live without IT,
I swear.

Tease me not, Vinayaga

a poem by Bhuvaneswari C

The black of the night in your silky short hair
And dark pools for eyes,
Vinayaga, You fill my heart.
Your cherubic face,
Your toddling walks’ grace,
Your smooth soft touch;
My baby, I yearn for your sweet honesty,
Your innocent trust,
For you yourself.
And so I reach out
To be one with you;
But in vain
Cause your truth escapes me
And I’m left behind in pain.
I hear your tinkling babys’ laugh;
Vinayaga, tease me not,
Lest I stop reaching out,
Lest I fall crying aloud,
Please Vinayaga hear me now
Lord tease me not.