Poems by Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma Dr.

A knife’s whimper

a poem by Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma Dr.

A slayer armed with knife spanks into a stranger with fracas
The stranger, scenting foul, bolts with wheels in his heels
Not with standing, alas!
Slayer succeeds
Stranger succumbs
Body stilled for ever
Alas! The innocent body stilled for ever, all over
The inert knife stood testimony to this odious act with reticence

A mugger armed with knife runs after an alien with spat
The alien meekly submits without default
Relieved of his loot
Alien’s voice stalled for a moment
The inert knife stood testimony to this odious act with reticence

For a moment, reticent knife turns sentient
And whimpers eloquent
“What grubby beings are humans!
Lacking in gratitude! behove of demons!
When they arrive on this earth
From their mother’s cocoon with girth
I was used by the mid-wife, repetitively sterilized, without boredom,
To detach the umbilicus without fuss for you to gain worldly freedom
Chary! It is not me to be sterilized
But minds of those uncivilized brutes without social roots
I pray! I am pure-bred! I soak no more in blood!
I pray! keep me away with my sway!”

I am in teens

a poem by Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma Dr.

I am in teens
Amazing thing is sprouting in my heart
Sweet sensation is pervading every body part
Pining to pick out you
Longing to belong to you
My eyes are searching you, ceasing all dreams
My mind is researching you, halting all chores
A strange emotion is befalling me
A new passion is besieging me

I am in teens
My gentle feet urging to go with you
For a lovely walk in a meadow
My tender hands looking to go round you
For a warmly hug in a shadow
No other way
You are my way
On reaching the shore the tide can’t miss
So am I with your treasured kiss!
The whole day every way with sway!
A strange emotion is befalling me
A new passion is besieging me

I am in teens
I couldn’t stop souvenir you my heart
I want to say few words delicate
But, my lips don’t open with shy
I am in ecstasy
Waiting for you to clasp me full
My seventh heaven belongs to you at will
You made me helpless
I now knew no confines
My age is signaling you
It is now your turn to discover me deep in you

I am in teens
A strange emotion is befalling me
A new passion is besieging me
Is it love?
I wonder! Is it love?
Tell me! Is it love?

In the glory of first Indian Torpedo

a poem by Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma Dr.

(In the glory of first Indian Torpedo
Designed and Developed by NSTL, DRDO, India
AET : Advanced Experimental Torpedo)

Underwater world is a matter of unfathomable might
Not a playing court to measure with a string straight
No secret! As Art, it is an open wonder concealed all under
No wonder! As Science, it is a guarded secret revealed for a tender
God, being He is, bestowed India with a long coastal line as an ornate
Needs watchful eye, day in and day out, from coastal ramparts, with a mandate
Our ships and subs keep vigil without hassle
Never! Enemy can dare lest Indian Navy takes care
NSTL AET is there!
Remember, NSTL AET is there!

NSTL AET is an amazing marvel.
Light in weight, slender in waist
Makes beautiful sight but dreadful in her fight
Small in length, full in stealth
Intelligent to the core, intricate to the lore
Which come in the battlefield, to the fore,
Lurking in hive onboard,
Waiting to show her naïve outboard
Designed to oblige at the push of a button
To batter the enemy head on
Let the enemy flop with silent prop
No matter AET will demand its scalp
For every scamp AET has an acoustic lamp
Let the enemy run wobble-hobble in disarray
AET goes merry its way with her sonar array
Let the enemy drive and dive
Palpable whisper is enough for AET to arrive
Never! Games like hide and seek ever make AET grey!
Goes hungry after its enemy like a feline running after its prey!
Alas! Enemy vexed with no hope
Tries jammer for AET not to cope
Arrrr… ey! A trivial bid to counter a wonder kid!
AET gate crashes with its hooter
And rushes to hit the looter
AET makes a gaping hole to completes its role.
Apocalypse: Alas! Enemy goes from reality to obscurity.

AET is an underwater marshall relishing underwater concerts
An underwater dame cherishing NSTL home.
AET is the ‘Hall of Fame’
With walls inked invisible letters of NSTL name.