Poems by Bhavna Sahay

Friendship… True Bliss of Life!

a poem by Bhavna Sahay

There are thousands of people I know in this world, who are all around,
But like this very special person there’s none other whom I’ve found.
And trumpets in favour of her I always do blow,
Who’s this very special person would you really like to know?
She’s my terrific friend, who’s been the best by far,
I wouldn’t trade her for anything – not even a house or a car
‘Coz friendship is a bond that’s really close to my heart,
Of my life from the beginning, it has always been a major part.
Friendship is a cherished virtue that’s not found in people all
It brings you close to people who may be short, thin, fat or tall.
A true friend does not need to be well-off, rich or affluent
But the purity and tranquility of her heart should have an attracting scent.
Friendship is a feeling that brings people together
Don’t birds fly in a flock – the ones who’re of the same feather?
Traces of friendship can be seen in every living thing,
All the good qualities of a person, out, it does bring.
Sharing, caring, love and joy is what we learn,
It teaches us something new in life’s each and every turn.
A true friend is actually the one who guides you all the way
By chance if you went wrong she definitely would say.
In polite words to her friend to correct herself before it’s too late.
She’d inspire her to work hard for herself and not depend upon fate.
But if a bad friend you find by an error
She’s definitely is going fill your entire life with utmost terror!
She’d encourage you to do things that are fun – but wrong
And then you wouldn’t be unique anymore – just one in the throng!
A true friend to find nowadays is really very tough,
‘Coz the world’s not the same anymore, it’s wicked and rough!
Normally friends’ as they are called are quite easy to find
But the species called true friends are nearly extinct – keep that in mind!
So I’m quite ecstatic that I’ve found someone like that,
To be able to find someone so true I indeed deserve a pat.
Friendship in this world is the greatest bliss and joy
And to have successfully achieved it I’m really lucky – Oh Boy!

The century gone by!

a poem by Bhavna Sahay

Standing on the threshold of a brand new century
We do cherish within us, a triumphant sense of victory
That’s so as there’s so much that we have accomplished
And because there’s little left to be accomplished
The Twentieth Century was quite a mixed bag
It received lots of bouquets as well as brickbats
It’s the year when broke out the two world wars
The lust of power and supremacy, that’s what for
But it is also the Century in which established was the UNO
It guided the nations in choosing the right path on which to go
Science and technology has gone through a lot of advancement
Which still in future years to achieve is our commitment
In this Century have people become still more civilized
To live without quarreling in harmony they tried
Now for the new Century we’ve set our aims and goals
And to achieve it, with sincerity we will play our roles
There won’t be a need for a Third World War- that’s assured
Since the wound of the previous World Wars are still not cured
In this new millennium, we promise to make India the best
To make its name shine amongst the darkness of the rest
May this century bring to our lives joy and light
Which makes the future of each individual happy and bright!

A Salute to the Brave

a poem by Bhavna Sahay

India and Pakistan were united until a few decades ago
they lived like brothers and sisters, not like cut throat foes.
Fraternity and brotherhood did fill each of their heart
of the majestic country of India they all formed a part
every thing was fine until came the ill- fated day,
the day of the final separation as all of you would say.
People fled from their houses for the sake of their lives,
some lost their husbands, others daughters, sisters and wives
but still, contented, those Pakistanis were not.
Hence the Indo-Pak war of 1965 was fought.
Violence, destruction and unhappiness it did bring.
Won the battle for india, but to their lives the soldiers couldn’t cling
and now after these years it is repeated all over again.
Just like before it has brought nothing but pain.
In the inhospitable conditions of Kargil our soldiers do fight
and will they return home? The answer is just a remote ‘might’
they push back the intruders who are armed with guns and knives
to save the country from evil clutches, they pay with their lives.
Bravest of all in our country, these soldiers definitely are,
they know their chances to remain alive, from positive are far
but still they don’t move back, instead march right ahead.
They don’t use foul tactics, but fight gallantly head to head;
their wives, mothers and sisters are almost as brave.
They know the country from evil clutches, the soldiers have to save
the news of loss of their loved ones doesn’t provoke hysterical cries.
Instead they lift their heads with pride as tears well in their eyes,
a salute from the entire nation, to the brave soldiers I give.
As I pray to god that a very long life they live
because it is entirely due to them that here we are fine
and their names brightly in the history of India will shine!