Poems by Bhavana


a poem by Bhavana

What lies beyond the clouds?
Are they too cheats?
Will they disappear
When I touch and leave behind only emptiness?

The sky,
Blue, black, white?
Do you exist?

Come down to me as rain,
Wet my lips,
Give me my first kiss,
And then leave me all alone, cold and trembling.

Fool me with your eyes,
Love me with your frown,
And then leave me all alone, cold and trembling.

Please may I touch you,
Only once,
Just to know if you really exist?


a poem by Bhavana

If you need me, call me,
Ah! such beautiful words,
Liar, who needs who?

Haven’t I seen your despair?
Haven’t I seen your pain?
Haven’t I seen those drunk eyes fill up?
A life caught between pages 231 and 232

Last night,
Was it a dream?
When you knocked at my door
And we met across a dusty table where the wind whispered,

And as your lips met mine,
You felt only the rain on your lips, your first kiss,
And as your hands caressed me, I was only another body,
And as I ran my fingers through your uncombed hair,
I was just a hopeless fool,

Oh Minu,
If only I could tell you, how much he loves you,
You would see the trees in the mirage.