Poems by Bhargava K R

The Crescent Moon

a poem by Bhargava K R

Thou art the crescent moon
Dim and gloomy and sorrowful!
As if me, in thy solitary struggle
To cross the eternal sea.
In thy perpetual voyage,
As doth me struggling
To cross this ruthless life.
Shadowed by the clouds of darkness,
Which maketh me, to
Fear, tremble, cry and weep.

Thou art the presiding glory
Of the skies.
Yet- do not grieve
And loose not thy heart.
Thou will get thy own day
To shine with myriad splendors
As doth me will shine
On the day of judgment.

The Jasmine Bush

a poem by Bhargava K R

Wandering like the Moon
Utterly free and companionless,
I saw a jasmine bush
Too wealthy with flowers.
Which shine and smile
Like the stars of the new Moon nights!
The bush was dancing with delight
To the gentle gestures
Of the western zephyr, and
I watched with amazement
A flower or two, wither from the bush
Like the shooting stars!

Cloud : The Queen

a poem by Bhargava K R

There the fairy queen
Walks on the royal road,
High and above, on the
Blue meadows of paradise.
She shines like the Moon
Amongst the stars,
On the full moon day!
So why, the mountains raise
Their heads to her majesty!
They compete for her
Mercy and love,
She cares them not all, but one
Who pleases her the most!
She stars to rain her mercy,
Gently with love.
To the blessed one,
She is the loveliest reality;
And to the rest,
Who are blessed – not,
She remains the sweetest dream.