Poems by Bhalradj S

Money – Be not proud

a poem by Bhalradj S

For the sake of you, my imagination soared
So high, my thoughts landed and my fingers
Have penned it down.

Money there is so many things about you
Hundreds of Names you have got, all the
Great National leaders smiling are embossed on you.

Around the globe, there is no activity without You;
Possessing even little sum of you springs out that much of vitality.
Without you I feel limp and depressed.

Like a Nomad you often change hands,
At times you only dwell in the lockers of Misers,
Your fragrance is like that of green pastures.

You are shiny as the Dove in the sunlight.
Alas! You turn Black when in the hands of tax evaders.
You are creative also destructive of morals, values and mentality.

You were christened after civilization of mankind,
O’ what a pity, your creator is under your domain
You are the Brahma of various fiscal theories,
Financial policies and economy.

O’ Money you are funny, the first alphabet in your name
Substituted with letter H would mean Honey;
You possess a tantric power, with your Midas touch overnight
You could convert once life so sweet.

O’ Money without you nothing could be purchased in this earthly life.
Money! Money! Don’t feel too proud about yourself
Parents, love and affection, even with heaps and heaps of you the trio
Cannot be purchased.

Dear Diamond

a poem by Bhalradj S

O’ Diamond, Sparkling Diamond, you are like a twinkling star,
You adorned the crowns of Emperors in the past and reigned the coffers of the rich Nobles.
You were the pride of the Rulers and envy of the Neighbouring Kingdoms.
O’ Diamond Jupiter creation, there is no end for narration, of
blood shed, loss of lives, all of which you have been responsible.
You were plundered, in abundance; you have traversed from one kingdom to the other
You lived with the might, for the might, you were his right.

O’ Diamond, even however little you are, how costly you are.
Though imitations despise you, Diamond you are always a diamond.
O, Diamond, Lucky diamond you have brought fortunes
To those who suit you, you have baffled the gemologists, astrologists
And numerologists, you suit not everyone Enchanting diamond.
You have not spared even Holly wood,
How many box office hit’s with just plots, knitted on you.

O’ Diamond, you twinkle like the stars on the Milky Way
It is why stars are compared to you
You can take away one’s live when swallowed
That is why you remain hard
Though born out of black you are shiny white and
Yellow in shade. Bourgeoisie are you,
For you could be studded only in Gold Ornaments.
O’ Diamond dear diamond how much am I to

Sweat to own you, like the star’s so high up

Above the sky you are above my reach, you are too dear.