Poems by Benna Rao Goli


a poem by Benna Rao Goli

I always advise my students to change
When I think of change in me, I feel strange;
After a great reflection, something struck in my mind,
Without His providence nothing can be gained.

To bring change none should run and hide
In our Master, we all should abide;
The changer of all changes, changes man’s history
As by sending His Son, our Father brought victory.

Look not to the left, look not to the right
Look only to Him both day and night;
By our humble prayer, all change is made
And by the virtue of His word, all change is won.

God came to bring change and peace
Hope in Him, all pain He’ll cease;
Through His Love, change comes our way
Each minute, each our, each and everyday.

Help me not to fret

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

For every lesson I’ve had to take
A thorough preparation I would make;
Yet I leave the class with burning heart
Thinking that I didn’t make a start.

For every lesson I’ve had to climb
With all the sweat and grime;
I teach with all strength and pain
But all my hopes lie in vain.

I get all the headaches and the tears
As I spend gloomy days and fruitless years;
I pray Heaven to teach me know
How can I help my pupils grow?

I do the most things to keep the class alive
In order to stimulate them, I strive;
Many are the obstacles I get
To God I pray, help me not to fret.

Magnificent Grace…

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

God gives enough grace for each cross
For He’s the Master who can provide us grace;
He promised this for us in every time and space
And this can compensate us from every earthly loss.

What if friends would leave or all things conspire
To go against you and frustrate your desire;
No floods come to you, no waters ever drown
In Him alone you can gain the Victor’s crown.

None need to worry about the future
Never trouble yourselves being immature;
Nothing can be uncertain as long as He’s there
For His grace is sufficient to carry every care.

When you think you’re falling and life is ebbing fast
Our Lord’s there to care for you till the last;
So no need to dread anything for anywhere
With His magnificent grace you can bear.

His Name

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

His gentle and sweet name is our refuge
Anchored safe in the harbour of our life cage;
In His name there’s a lot of mercy
And only His name lets us free.

Let us cry out loudly His name
And let us not have fear or shame;
His name can make all of us one
And can bless us all under the sun.

His name lets us off the emotion
And leads all of us to His Nation;
His name brings in us a smile
That continues in us for a long while.

Let us pray, His name is hailed in this world
For He magnificently and perfectly created;
Let all of us together take His name to all
By listening and accepting His holy Call.

Lots of Thanks

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Lots of thanks I offer You
For You saw me writing this book through;
I felt all the way Your helping hand
As my forefathers felt in the promised land.

You gave me all the delight
And kept my moods upright;
You cheered me all through as a friend
Until I finished 50th poem at the end.

So further I look up to the Heaven’s shore
Where there’re treasures and much more;
Please help me to pen another book
Protecting me from the devil’s hook.

Your ways I don’t always understand
But You guide and help me evil withstand;
I’m very hopeful of one thing
You’d give me enough ink to pen something.

God’s Special Gift

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

I’m sad when storm clouds come
When the days and nights are burdensome;
So, I look for golden sunlit hours
And the heart soothing evening showers.

I long to see peacefulness of sunny days
And roll on smoothly in all the ways;
I like to see in all, His loving hand,
I hope, His ways I try to understand.

So, God sent Angels to embrace with heavenly wings
Guiding me through the worldly things;
Now they’re walking beside me and taking care
And they’ll inspire me with a guiding love to share.

There’s nothing to bewilder
As long as Angels sit on my shoulder;
They bring peace, inspire and uplift
Thank God, they’re the special gift

My Prayer to Thee O Lord

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Lend your ear O Lord! My prayer to Thee,
For give me as from good deeds I did flee;
Now I’m forsaken to enjoy the heavenly glee,
As never I kept O Lord Your decree.

Before Your sanctuary let my knee bend,
For most of my time in vain I did spend;
With Your grace my way I shall mend,
No more I like to move round and pretend.

Make my heart Your dwelling place,
That no more shall I’ve evil race;
And for Your glory anything I’ll face,
Never more I offend You and bring disgrace.

My Lord, make a right start,
Mend and mould my mind, make me smart;
Never shall I, then, Your ways depart,
I can’t stand anymore from being apart.

Heavenly Food For Immortal Souls

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

My heart filled with sin and filth,
With busy schedule of evil deeds;
Him inflicting further injuries, lacking faith,
Craving and striving for worldly needs;

Resulting- felt no soul’s appetite,
For heavenly food, as evil I invite;
I’m not able to withstand evil,
In course of time I understood His will.

Increased, He, my soul’s hunger,
Filled my heart with great splendour;
Nourishing my soul with heavenly food,
Strengthening in me, the brotherhood.

It’s true, no soul can survive,
Without heavenly food, life to revive;
With it, darkness can be put to flight,
Bringing in every soul His delight.

God made us to love

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

God made man to love Him
To know Him and sing hymn;
He likes man to do His will;
To make His plans fulfill.

He died for our sake,
Shed His blood make us wake;
So, should we live humbly in His sight;
Sharing the job of His unfailing light.

He who doesn’t love is afflicted,
One who loves is really benefited;
So love makes one blessed,
So shall you be among gifted.

Trust not in earthly things,
Lest you bring many pangs;
Love others, and let love grow,
Be faithful in love you show.

Man is not imprisoned

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Adam and Eve were set free,
Our fore fathers in a state of glee;
God gave creatures free will,
So as to make his earthly life fulfill.

Blessed be that man who keeps Commandments,
Without any malice and selfish amendments;
Freedom is not for evil accomplishment,
It’s for lovable state establishment.

For man, freedom is a present,
But has to repent if misspent;
Never be a man so negligent,
And never invite life imprisonment.

Man should himself free from evil equipment,
Being always prudent and keeping temperament;
Every one should try for soul’s nourishment,
Singing in praise of the Omnipotent.

Trust in the Lord

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

My friend, never rely on your sight,
Trust the Lord who makes the path straight;
May you plead for His only light,
He is the one who gives foresight.

Better you seek for insight,
For He smites the heart’s chord right;
Making the life so upright,
So as to give you delight.

His precepts you should invite,
Or you bring for yourself plight;
And make your life so benefit,
I pray you shan’t clothe blight.

In praise of Him shall you indite,
Keeping off the things that disunite;
Walking on the narrow path which is right,
Shan’t you have, then, any fright.

Longing for the Lord

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

All times we should long for the Lord,
To eat and drink His flesh and blood;
To our hearts contentment,
In order to make the bad banishment.

He fills our hearts with benevolence,
To attain the Heaven as a consequence;
Filling our soul with providence,
Uprooting the strong roots of imprudence.

Long for the Lord for righteousness,
Eliminating the heart’s stubbornness;
Plucking the roots of haughtiness,
To show-forth your lowliness.

Never bid God adieu,
Make your heart His Avenue;
To make your soul true,
Longing for Him to renew.

Be Prudent

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Folly makes the life tumble down,
Acts of wisdom brings you renown;
Deviate not from his path,
Despise Him never and get His wrath.

Make not a presence of a fool,
Handle not any evil tool;
Be prudent and discern His way,
God has for you His own pay.

Bring not to God abomination,
Instead seek Him for His own;
Keeping off greedy for unjust gain,
And helping the needy who’re in pain.

Have good sense, which wins favour,
Do good things that ever endure;
Seek for wisdom a fountain of life,
Keep cool spirits and get no strife.

Fast and Penance

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

God set an example to fast,
And penance for better heart;
It’s the best way for reparation,
In order not to gain any separation.

Is it not must for sins committed?
A sinner who is repented;
Must, on fast days, be abstemious,
Keeping away, the dish, sumptuous.

There are other ways and means,
Allowing not seeing obscene scenes;
Not to hit out at neighbour with tongue,
Let His Words and deeds ever to be sung.

Over come sin by prayer and silence,
Practicing obstinate resistance;
Him shall all contemplate,
Shaking the deeds that are passionate.

Where His Love Dwells…

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Where His love dwells, sin expels,
In those hearts, darkness He dispels;
Making hearts with joy swell,
In order the evil deeds of man to quell.

Holiness, humility and righteousness,
And in His ever blessedness;
All will live in happiness,
Keeping away enemies and pains.

Wickedness cannot find an entrance,
As each one gives God preference;
No sign and thought of violence,
As His men are filled with benevolence.

No more wear devil’s clothing,
No more immodest way of dressing;
No more going about half-naked,
Where His lover dwells, good you wed.