Poems by Beejet Patnaik


a poem by Beejet Patnaik

Even though life is meant for more,
We put lies into it for more glare.

What is happening around us is true,
But we add lies into it to just get through.

The sky above us is true,
And so are the stars of life that twinkle through.

So, why do we keep putting lies into it?
Just to make life a piece of shit!!

Food that we eat,
Clothes that we wear, is no lie!

And so is my love as well.
I know that some where it lies,
Somewhere… somewhere… it cries!
Just alone for those lies… just alone for those lies.

Want some space!

a poem by Beejet Patnaik

Stars shine bright in the sky,
Moon lies on the height;
I sleep in the bed with my eyes wide open,
Thinking of a new life!

I find you around in the open,
You are alone.but in confusion;
I want to touch you as I see you’
I want to feel you as you are,
But you are too far away with no scars.

You are bright and in the light,
The aura around you,
Gives you a new height,

Some day I shall love you and you shall love me as well.
I know I rang a big bell;
But I am sure that is not hell.

I don’t lie, or I don’t cry,
But I have faith, that I am also ‘HIGH’.
More height shall I possess,
So that you see me with those cherry eyes,
Come to me and ask me:

Who you are?
Where are you from?
And what do you want

.And I say

I am a ‘star’ and I want a little space in your sky,
To lie over there and feel the above every day and every night!!!