Poems by Bedatri


a poem by Bedatri

Dead letters and silent tears,
Incessant rain and childish fears.
The sky growls today with a monstrous snare-
Doom surrounds like a thin film of air.
Will you hold my hand tonight,
Or will you just let go?

The doe-eyed beauty in the castle sits.
Of treachery and deceit, the air reeks.
The silent tears fall on the parched earth-
Long gone are the days of mirth.
Will her Prince Charming ride to her tonight,
Or will he just let go?

The maiden in black, walks down the stairs-
Amidst the darkness, amidst the torch flare.
A lizard scuttles somewhere on the wall
The wind promises to give or take it all.
Will the light of love free her from this darkness tonight,
Or will it just let go?

The dead soul still haunts the house-
Her ecstasy eyes still wide awake.
Night falls and darkness prevails-
A deep dark secret reveals
Will she break free tonight?
Will her soul taste freedom,
Or will it just let go?

In a night like this-
In this deep dark abyss,
No moon shines, no maiden lights her lamp-
Bloodshed reeking the air so damp.
No prince rides his way through,
No soul wakes up to freedom-so pure, so true.
Maidens cry themselves to sleep- for they do not know
Will life bring in light tomorrow,
Or will it just let go?


a poem by Bedatri

It’s a dark night tonight-the stars don’t shine.
At such a time, is there anyone I can call mine?
The skies growl with a ghastly frown-
Any shoulder I can rest my throbbing head on?

Can I close my eyes tonight,
And never wake up to see tomorrow?
Can I free myself from these worldly bonds,
From the lifelong sorrow?

Can I abandon this orphaned life
And wake up in the lap of death?
Tranquil and serene-
Away from life’s fetid breath?

Break the strings that bind me-
The clocks tick away and call out to me.
Will I find a way out of this winding maze
And walk myself up the stairs-
Away from this deceit, away from this haze?

I see the black horse standing, as the mists rise-
Can I not sleep, and never wake up to see tomorrow’s sunrise?
Just a leap is all I need to fall
Into the serene lap of death.
Just a leap is all I need to fall
To live with the stars and away from you all.

No tears to bid me adieu,
No knells to mark my death.
No hand to caress my head-
Just a leap, is all I need
To end my wait

A mouthful of silence

a poem by Bedatri

Have you ever felt a knife cutting down your back?
Ever felt like a rotting corpse on a haystack?
Ever wondered what it feels when happiness tastes stale?
Ever lost your voice when all you wanted to do was wail?

I stand here today-
A defeated and beaten Destiny’s prey.
My dry eyes are wide awake-
Disgusted of all it has seen:
Rotting love, estranged bonds, bleeding wrists-
Ah! What a life it has been.

Lone, solitary and beaten out of shape-
The heart fails to keep further faith.
People meant the world, and now they mean a naught-
No one recalls those promises they happily forgot.
Who keeps count, I ask, of what I attained and lost?

Ever felt the insatiable thirst for your own tears?
Ever been a dumb witness to the realization of all your fears?
Ever thought that there might be no future, after all?
Ever lead a life-engulfed with shadows of past-
Splattered all over your heart’s walls?

Bland joys, stale smiles-
The mirage if life- a road which beguiles.
In some hidden alley of the heart,
Amidst some forgotten pile,
A knell tolls and a jackal shrieks-
Through the darkness, a light so bleak.

I raise my hand, clinging on to hope-
Refusing to let go.
So much pain in such little time-
With small joys scattered here and there.
Maybe it’s time now to bid adieu-
Too late to judge whether it is wrong or fair!
So slit my wrist and put on the crown of thorns-
Close your eyes, I will be gone

The last waltz

a poem by Bedatri

Beyond the nights of revelry,
Beyond the times washed red with wine,
Beyond the lips which fake a smile,
Lies a heart-
Humming a solitary tune;
The tune of life, the tune of death-
The tune no one else can ever get.

It plays on like the incessant rain-
It plays joy, it plays pain.
It tells of all the times we’ve laughed,
It tells of all the silent tears wept.
It shrieks to let out to the world-
All the secrets it’s kept.

A faraway flute sometime,
Or may be a discordant cello;
The tune goes on playing-
Painful and mellow.

The brain is tired with the nagging tune,
Isn’t it time yet, to bid it adieu?
When shall the tune play-
The finale for the last waltz?
Let me indulge, let me sink-
Into this dance of life.

Let me dance away till I’m gone,
May the tune never again play on.
Let it fade, let it die-
Let it not sing again, of times gone by.

Begin the ball-
Begin the waltz;
Let me dance into oblivion,
Before the curtains fall.

Give me your hand, give me your soul-
Let’s dance the last dance,
Before the night gets old.
Let’s just sit and hear the maestro play-
The tune’s heavy finale.

Orchid of Love

a poem by Bedatri

Colours of love, colours of all hue-
Red, White and Blue,
God churned into one-
And called it You.