Poems by Balaji S


a poem by Balaji S

Scenic beauty, creatures day,
Why? Why?
Memories casting picture perfect,
Dwelling for a while,
To move on with scenic smile;
Tell me why?
Asking the way, loosing direction;
Let me help you,
To stay afloat.
In these troubled shores of life.
Can I be your process to survive…
Or its just me,
Fighting the lack of possibility;
To hold on.

Head straight into the storm,
And ask why?
To be or not to be,
A question to survive.
With stimulus to lean on.
You just foray into the unknown,
For its like fire;
Burning all, burning desire,
Your song may be suicide,
Then ask why?
Down size your hope!
Demean your soul.
Is it what you seek,
I ask why?
Like river banks and of flooded gateways.
Another land, and another twist in my palm,
Still defeating the ways,
Of belief and nothingscape,
Then to struggle! Why man why?
Like waves in ocean.
You only rise to subside;
Not learning to this day.
Life’s ride,
Still just an apprentice.
Been there where you need not go.
Still night to sleep out.
Still dreams to cherish.
Still days to come!
To out throw and shout.
Out of nowhere as they seem.
The puzzle falls astray,
Why not?
Its just another game of glory.
Even those who dare…
Lack the fury…
Been what it takes;
Leaving behind my face,
In the clamor of fakes.
Just didn’t dare to ask why?

Sunset and sunshine,
We can build our home.
Right in heart of the tree.
Locked inside we would be set free,
For nothing seems to question;
My greed, why?

Placing those cards;
King, Queens and all the Knaves!!!
Stammering deeds; and shaken destiny.

Why don’t you live up?
Why do you quit.
All it seems like…
Is eating a sandwich with a piece of shit.

Roaming through the corridors of my mind!!!
And then ask why?


a poem by Balaji S

Lost in the woods;
Where trees aren’t there,
I am an outcast in the enemy’s leir.
Walking away with a daunty façade.
The horsemen will be shown the way,
But I walk barefoot,
Watching the time play,
Macabre will bee the word to say,
As the elements battle out the day,
Watching the time go past in a relay,
Lost in the hills; where plains are there,

Sowing the seeds of dreams so clear.
As enemy and the end is near,
Slide ahead as if I have no fear,
Let them battle out!
Coz I am ready to take on their heir.
Follow the lanes on my head,
Living along a life so dear.
Hoping to clear the change with tears.

All this time being what I feel,
To this stage of life,
I act out an unwanted seal;
Pain is what I feel, so I must kneel.
God’s embrace will only make them heal.

Lost in the woods, where trees aren’t there,
Marching ahead for a battle fair,
Battle is of no consequence;
I am free of all multitudes and vengeance.
The storm will be stronger,
Coz we fear the silence near,
Way will be thorned, as you climb up,
So learn to withstand the pain so shrill.

The battle is a phony,
Counting on your memories parlance,
Lost in the woods, where dreams are clear,
Follow it up, as this is the place!!!
You should end up!! No remorse!


a poem by Balaji S

If I choose a song and sing;
But it could only say; very little of the whole thing.

If you walk down that lane;
All that you leave behind; becomes my name.
If you care to listen, there would be days,
When your thoughts would pass by;
Waiting for the moment.
When I will hear myself cry.
Twisting and turning!!
To feel all that is left unfelt.
Even if I am unsure;
By good life my love would endure,
Even if I am crazy;
How’s it gonna change a thing.
I still love you!! Even if its not meant to be.
As feathers are not important,
As much as the will to fly.

Asking a question; to the answer roaming free.
Building your castle, chasing your dream as good as it seems.
Holding a vengeance,
As vultures eat your dream.

Time and we are changing! Forever in this eternal spree.
Walking with treason; on love’s evergreen street.
People never care; of the depth our love would share.
Seeing those crazy hairs; makes me get down on my knees.
Will you walk with me, until time would be sealed.
Always seeking advice; forever people remain novice.

Choosing a rhythm, and a couple of blending lines.
I end up writing all this;
Forever until my will goes on.
Nothing to stop me.
No reasons to view all those things;
That would be.
Stroking the strings, to make a riff out of all these things.

Stop limiting yourself herein,
Go seek answers within.
All we want is peace! Don’t let your desires freeze.

People think I am crazy; YEAH! Crazy about things I saw.
When I turn back! I see all that’s left of me.
Oh! There is so much, so much for me to see.

Never going off track; as I am the train;
To the land of free.
Be there on my station! On board with me.
I will take you! Where you supposed to be.

Nothing wrong!!!
Let me sing another song.
As people are crazy.
Believing in nothing,
They chasing dreams so hazy.

And now you know;
That if I sing a song!!!
It could only say so much.

So let’s jam together;
And make this life a song
Coz songs can say so much;
And tell us where we belong.


Key to my heart

a poem by Balaji S

Just the time I felt,
that its going to be alright;
knowing that every second;.which passes by,
would push me ahead,
into the realm,
where I would near you,
while drifting apart from us.
Just the time I relive the mush;
of your gentle being,
and the staggering gaze
and that gala smile.
Hundred of words to say;
and much more to mean!!!

Just in wait for that one time;
when I shall have you, what was mine.
That illuding shade of your glittering locks
when you flash those pausing eyelids
makes me forget that its just another human.
I can feel you nearing me,
off the shore! These waves swivel in my mind.

Just to be on a ground where you walked,
down beneath that fatherly sun
getting the taste of ecstasy,
nothing could outshine your divine craze
of all these desires.
I put it on the pyre,
to bake it hard for days to come.
When I would light up the candle.
And your heart would feel the heat.

Please believe me,
these are not lies,
but these are how I describe the skies.

Just when I feel like hating you,
I end up loving you more than I ever did.
Take the key to my happiness
and unlock your soul,
from my treasure vault.
To see you fly like a bird,
Up in those crystal skies
to feel the scent of my love.
When the skillful wind;
Which keeps you untouched by this glory and this scent.

Walk with me to the top of the hill.
Let’s take a good look around,
on decisions to be made,
and justice to be felt (to feel)!

I stand in front of the door!!
To the promised land.
Just when I know you believe in me,
You are my key to the promised land.
So please open me up.
Let me dive into the sweet waters!!!.Of our love.

Give me your helping hand!!!
Before its too late!!!