Poems by Azhar S Sayed

… and love betrays

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

Ages and ages ago there bloomed a flower.
Peeping into the violent sun, with eyes ajar,
Its thirst for love made it grow fast
Expecting for suns’ rays, till eternity to last.

Then came the happy, dancing spring
Through the green vales, its mirth did ring;
Its thirst for love made it blush.
But even the spring ran as its waters gushed.

Autumn arrived wearing a pale golden dress.
Love towards it, the flowers did express;
Its thirst for love made its leaves shed.
But autumn too grew in anger, red.

Through the chilly nights, through the rain
The flower wept but all in vain.
And then a maid showered a days’ surprise.
When with love in her heart, she did rise.

Hush! Hush! There was a silent voice.
The maid left the flower in utter despises,
The flower was helpless and started to weep
Closing the petals it finally went to sleep.

For the moment

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

On the road to create the earth
When lightening punctuates the storm;
And when the heart pounds its beat
Close to its heels… A moment is born.

The day opens up with a bright golden sun
And has in store for mankind, all its hues;
To build for time, a glorious history
Or to keep an account of all its dues.

Time’s womb couldn’t keep it for long
And it vomited the moment for the wrong;
Men were slaughtered in an instant
Infants, crying at a distant.

On the road to perdition! Oh so long
Every heart sung its funeral song;
No one imagined life’s invaluable cost
For the sake of a thought…

A Moment was lost.

One fine day

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

At the end of the day, a night is born
Riding away the brightness with a scorn,
We talk a lot about the day we live
But do we think about the happiness we give.

At the end of each story, a moral is born
Riding away the immoral with a scorn,
We talk a lot about the god in you and me
But do we really practice the religion we see

At the end of life, death is born
Riding away breath and thought with a scorn
We talk a lot about the life we led
But do we really live? Or were we already dead.

Well, this was the end of a perfect day
And the end of a perfect life that closely lay
Though the colours of life but should fade
But for the thought of a friend we made.

Yet so far

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

Like a thorn in the heart
Like a bird in the sky;
Like a sweet, dewy morn
And like the fair sun, I did fly.

For I found her,
Beneath the eternal spring
The true birthplace of immortals did ring;
She stayed in my heart; spoke to my breath
She lay close to me!
Yet so far

Like a new-born bird in mother’s nest
Like a devil bearing an angel’s heart;
Like love having hatred within
Like life and death staying apart.

For I found her,
On the farthest shores of the oceans
Masked with the dark, ugly night;
Wearing a blanket of stars, she slept
She dwelt in my lonely eyes!
Yet so far

Like a question having a million answers
Like a bird dancing with eternal charm
Like a smooth pebble parted from the ocean
A place where even Satan could rest without harm

For I found her in myself,
With thoughts flowing through her hair
Unveiling the nakedness of her love
And refusing to accept the end of night
She gave me rebirth!
Yet so far

Like an eerie silence that pacifies the stormy night
Like the humble kiss of a silent breeze
Like the first of the sun’s rays to touch us
She could even humanize the devil with ease

For she was,
The untold story of a tragic beginning
The lone protagonist of an admirable saga
She hid from the world with shameful eyes
In the abyss of my heart!
Yet so far

So much have I told you about thee;
The impregnable mother of my senses
She can rule the world with her goodness
But fears the callous pretenses

Love enters our hearts just as a bright ray of light
With care as the window and trust as the bar
Open the doors of Love! Oh Angel!
Forget which one is near to you!
And which one is far

February’s Fair Maid

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

The days had passed, as did months
The dewdrop of second month had begun
Love and spring was everywhere
Enchanted was everything, air filled with enthusiasm and fun

There was a sudden rush
Of flowers, birds, spring towards the unknown visitor
With inexplicable gait she trod
Filling the air with untrue hatred, she sprung love

Clasping her hands were those fate lifted creatures
In agony did espy those unknown poachers
For she filled the devils horns with earnest content
For she doth teach the torches to burn

For she was beautiful and her beauty made
The bright world dim and everything beside
Seemed like the soporific paradise
Like a winged burglar the dove sauntered above her

Her eyes were the windows of her soul
Her mouth the door through which enter and exit
Pleasant words like a honeycomb
Filling sweetness in the soul and courage to the body

For she doth taught me the true meaning of love
That love is the wisdom of the fool, folly of the wise
Teaching prudence and all moralities
For she was the mother, the eternal source of light

The brightness of her cheek showed the stars to twinkle
The redness of her lips made the rose feel ashamed
Her flowing hair like robes of Satin
Eyes, like embedded rubies in the gaps of serenity

Her blushes gave birth to a bucketful of honey
She gave my eyes she gave my ears
Love of contentment and sweetness of words
She gave my heart, she gave my soul
A reason to pound, a reason to live

Her grace was like a rising sun
After being risen a glorifying nun
She was there when the day had begun
And she was there when only darkness did run

She taught me the poetry of life
It was the music of thought, conveyed to me in the music of language
The ray of light had to catch her gait
But understood it was, till the end of the world it had to wait

She had no voice, gave no sound
Oh! The silence sank unto me
Like the music on my heart
Like the simplicity of the scabbard of blood

Victor she was, known as victory; this is what she taught
The essential thing is life, is not conquering, but fighting well
Grace was in all her steps, love in her eye
In every act she was Goddess of divinity

So much of her have I told thee
So much, the depth of thy comprehension
With her mirth intellectual filling of desolate soul
Should but thou reveal her identity

For thy, people of hatred called her love
For thy, people of defeat called her victory
For thy, people of avarice called her patience
For thy, people of earth called her a Goddess

Filling my heart and the soul with the fragrance of her love
Unknown, untold, unlaid with satisfaction my thoughts have laid
I wait, I see, I hear, I feel the days pass
I know she will come, she will return, for she is my lone February’s fair maid.

And the Void Remains

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

The void of the universe called upon
To garner the planets and fill upon;
Established was the living, bounty earth,
Creatures, plants and then the Mother.

Sleeping in Mother’s couch was her child
Knowing, playing, dancing in her arms
Unknown, unplayed, undanced was his mind
Until he knew meaning of mankind

Out! Out! Of her arms he jumped
Cruelty, anger and wickedness he pumped
He slew her children, his brothers
And buried them unceremoniously in her heart

The void of the universe calls upon
To garner the qualities and fill upon
Establishing are the immoral vices
Sons of the soil buried in mid-air

Out! Out! Of the skies they jump
Crossing the seven skies to the zenith they reach
Knowing not where the zenith is, they rise
While sinful souls lie burning at the core

The void of universe will call upon
To garner the sun, the moon and the stars
Withdraw it shall; all its gifts
From the cruel, shabby barbarian fists

The man who predicted the death of the sun
Will have his face over the sky run,
Hapless children will cry terribly
With their tears forming a deluge, a flood

Everything shall be flown with it
The creatures, the plants and the children
Breath, air and life shall try to hide
But nothing will they find by their side

Out! Out! Of the universe the child will be thrown
In the darkness, accompanying the abstaining light
There will be a void created once again
But the mother will hesitate to fill it again.