Poems by Axl_izzy_duff_slash


a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

It seems that everything I see brings forth a kind of disgust inside of me.
Every empty smile I see on the street and every blade
of grass in a field make me choke with spite.
It seems that every place the light hits pains me to the very core.
Sometimes I wish the world was dark or that I was
blind so I would not have to see the leaves in the wind or the birds in the sky.
I wish I didn’t have to see those joyous things
because they remind me of the hurt I feel inside.
I wish I could see these things and smile, however,
seeing children playing or couples romancing drops
me to my knees and makes me want to weep like a child.
The want for my childhood returned to me and the
reminder of the pain love has brought can be a large
load for a weakened soul to bear.
In every place and in every face I see some hidden torment from my past.
Every face that grins at me seems to be an evil grin
and every pair of eyes that looks my way seems to
hold some deadly secret that could shake me to my very core.
Sometimes, I wish I was blind so hard I want to
gouge out my eyes so never to see the light of day again.
I want my whole world to black so what I see will
mirror what is held in the deepest parts of my soul.
Alas, every grain of sand and every speckle of dust in
the wind will hurt me more as it mirrors my past instead of myself.
There is no hope for escape when everything I see
appears to be a thorn from days and years gone by.

My story

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Alluring and sitting pretty,
in the mysteries of tomorrow,
our future appears a shy ‘n’ blushing bride.
That shows its glimpse with a lift of veil;
with somber face but turbulence inside.
The mystic of her enticing beauty;
pulls me to itself at a crazy pace.
The aura of her divine charm but;
is beyond all compare and race.
I look with dismayed eyes and gaze;
at the closets she’s brought along.
With the same sense of untouched purity;
as her bright, flowing red sarong.
Which shelf of her closet carries my love story;
is something, I’m dying to find out.
What gift would she offer this visitor of hers;
a fairy tale kiss or a hurting flout.
From the host of books in those closets;
I just want to find out my chapter.
Promise I’ll only rewrite unpleasant pages;
only those with tinge of sorrow’s specter.
God please divert her attention when I steal it;
keep her occupied with some arresting anecdote.
Promise that I’ll replace it deftness ‘n’ ease;
and she’ll never know, change of unpleasant quote.

Dad, a tribute

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

How much I love you I can’t say,
it’s more than words can hold,
you are all at once my rich red clay,
my potter my mould.

Tours the words that shaped my voice,
the spirit within me,
yours the will that shaped my choice,
my fortune, my sign.

How lucky I was to have had you,
at the core of me,
wise and good, you always knew,
just what I could be.

And so I came to be someone,
whom I could be proud of.
For this I gave my swollen sum,
of gratitude and love.

The things you taught me I will always know,
zhou could I not? The roots have sunk so deep,
all lessons of the heart that I will keep,
no matter who I am or where I go.
Kids learn from what their parents are, and so…
You are the book of my life, the thoughts I reap,
only in your arms I quiet sleep,
under my words your voice sings soft and slow,
from you I learned the rules of right or wrong,
against which I at times had to rebel,
though the regret I carry with me still,
how lucky I am to have been loved so well,
even as I pushed against your will,
relying you taught me how to love you by,
the way that you loved me,
and by your unseen sustenance,
to see what you could see.

You gave me through who you were,
the gift of what I am,
your pride in me is now my pride,
your faith my caravan.

Your life does not end with death,
nor will it end with mine,
for all the lives I touch, you touch,
and so on through all this time,
on a father fair and strong!


a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Dresses to impress
She will lead you astray
And have her wicked way
She will lead you on
And then she’ll be gone
She will stay in your mind
She is one of a kind
She will leave you spellbound
But beware a body is often found
In places she has been
Crimes that are so obscene
She will lead you to her bed
Then shoot you in the head
Or else she will leave you to her friends
The torment never ends
A horde of vampires baying for blood
You have entered the Devil’s hood
Feel at home you will not be leaving
Be prepared for the horrors you’ll be receiving
Pray to the Lord on High
Before they bleed you dry
They will bury you in the foulest recess
Just another victim of the Temptress.

Life’s Beauty

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Life is so unpredictable,
but hey it’s not unreasonable,
coz I got friends,
you people define friends,
coz you are there at this moment,
but who knows,
where our life leads us on,
different horizons,
the zig-zag,
deviated bylanes of life,
the open fields,
the aromatic sizzling innocent smell of a thirsty land,
the sweet serene sound of waterfalls,
the seven colours of the rainbow,
the arising dominant pride of the rising sun,
the beautiful song of the bird,
the crisping crackles of crickets
the beautiful women,
the zeal of rock music…

I will end it,
when I am done,
with this jailed soul,
tortured with wars ,hatred and wrath,
but I carry an obsession,
the burning like slash’s riffing guitar,
coz I carry the psychedelic colours of my friends moments,
I am like a free bird,
I love you guys,
and when I am done,
I will still wish,
still wish that you were here,
for my practitioned soul,
so farewell,
and play on….

Ode to friend

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Friendship is a blessing,
It’s the best you have to share,
The talents and the wisdom,
The capacity to care,
It’s being there to lend support,
Whatever needs arise,
It’s making sure that others know
They’re special in your eyes…

Friendship is a blessing,
And, to all who have a friend,
It’s one of the most precious gifts
That life could ever send.

Why is it in our lives that we need friends?
To be awake and fully what we are?
Alone we dream but never cross the bar;
With you I share a grace that never ends

I will be there,
When the world seems on your back,
And you want a little weight lifted,
I will be there,
When your days become darkened,
And you need someone to light the way,
I will be there,
When the pressures start getting to you,
And you want a tender touch,
I will be there,
When you appear to be outnumbered,
And all you need is a friend,
I will be there,
When you have succeeded in something special,
And you want someone to share it with,
I will be there,
Whenever you need or want someone,
And all you can do is hope,
I will be there.

Thanksgiving is a moment to remember,
How little we can do to move the stars,
All we are and have we must surrender,
Nor is Earth less inscrutable than Mars,
Knowing this, we know the need for friends,
Sharing both our pleasures and our pain,
Giving, though it may not serve their ends,
In joy the love that will our love sustain,
Very much like water in a lake,
In sum we serve as mirrors to the sky,
No one alone can heaven’s picture take,
Given friends, we know the reason why,

Moving on
There comes a time when we are expected to grow up
and move on with our lives.
That doesn’t mean I have to say good bye to you my friend.

We’ve spent the past few years learning together
how to overcome life’s struggles.
Sharing laughter in the good times.
Learning to be supportive of each other
and in the process how to care for those around us.

Together we’ve learned that life has it’s ups and downs.
But treat it like a roller coaster,
throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride…

Yes, my friend, it’s time for us to move on
in this journey of life.
Even though our separate journey’s
may take us to opposite ends of the world always know that
you are my friend for life.

Death enters cyber age

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Should I be scared at what they may find?
Is this a cousin of the grim reaper?
The old ways may have been replaced by the new
Death can find you anyway
Even when you are lost in the world of cyberspace
A crime is about to be committed in the virtual world
I feel a sense of pain shoot through my arm
An electric shock sends shivers up my spine
This dark soul from another world is after my very essence
Sucking my life force from out of my body
I can feel the darkness gathering around me
I feel giddy and faint
I feel a sudden jolt
My screen goes blank
And everything returns to normal
I feel the blood pulsate through my veins
What is all a ghastly nightmare?
Or have the forces of death been chasing me?
Think about this the next time you fall asleep in front of your computer
The long arm of death may be closer than you think.


a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

I have had enough of self-denial
I am not the one on trial
Its society
I have had enough of this sobriety
I am going to break the chain
No need to explain
You have been applying the screw
And you always knew
That eventually I would crack
And start fighting back
I am starting a new page
The world is my stage
I am throwing away my black clothing
I no longer have a need for self-loathing
What did you expect?
I have regained my self-respect


a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

Oh why should the spirit of mortal be proud,
like a sweet meteor,
a fast flying cloud,
a flash of lightening,
a break of wave,
he passes from life to rest in his grave.

The leaves of trees,
and the old willow shall fade,
we scattered around and together be laid,
and the young and the old,
shall mix with dust,
and together defy our mutiny.

The mother whom I attended and loved,
the mother who’s affection was proved,
the husband- the children- the relatives she blessed,
each and all are coming to see her rest.

The woman on whose cheek,
on who’s brow,
on who’s eye,
shone beauty and pleasure,
she triumphs as 22 years go by,
and memories of those who love her and praised,
are like of minds, which can never be erased.

I ask myself,
how many have felt his way,
cause I am only seventeen,
too ripe and raw,
to accept this principle of life,
my mother called me,
to share her sorrow and agony,
she said someone is critical,
am I confused or cynical,
is that what we call spiritual development?

The hands of god that has borne,
that chants of priest that has worn,
the eyes that help me see,
into the hearts of the brave,
can you explain me the sacred depth of grave?

The woman who sowed us and we rapt,
the woman who saw two generations,
the women who wandered to give up eternity,
is now fading away like the grass we tread.

As the doctor says,
so as she goes away,
like the flower or the weed,
those that wither away to let others succeed,
but she would remain in our hearts,
to repeat her tale,
that has often been untold.

We are the same that she has seen,
we want to see the same sights she has seen,
we felt the same grass and the sun,
and would one day run the same course,
that our forefathers did.

We loved- but the story cannot unfold,
we scorned- but her heart is cold,
we grieved- but more cause we thought she would cure,

When they die,
we things that are now,
walk on the turf that lies below,
and we wait for the abundant,
but still scarce grave and meet the things that lead us to pilgrimage road.

Hope and despondency-pleasure and pain,
are mingled together in sunshine and rain,
and the smile and the tear,
the song and the lyrics,
still follow each other like surge upon surge.

This wink of an eye,
this draught of death,
from blossom of health,
to paleness of death,
from waking up from a mothers womb,
to rest in peace in my grave.

Is this we call mortality,
then why should the spirit of mortal be proud?????

This is a poem dedicated to my late grandmother.
Please give me your feedback on the mail ID
I would be grateful to people who share my vision…
also open to criticism.

Chronicles of War

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

What I see,
What I see is a gathering of black masses,
Bodies burning in red ashes,
Over the hill the church is in ruins,
It’s a seen of evil doings.

It’s a place full of sorrows,
Watch them gnawing fear in their heads,
I guess it’s the same,
Wherever you may go.

Having no faith in god,
And you know you are going to die,
Guns and rockets squealing all over the world,
The whole world turns into a bloody battle of blood,
And what I see are clouds of hatred,
Oh lord!!!!! Why can’t you stop it.

Hunger changes to starvation,
Famine leads the way to deterioration,
Men see no hurdles in path of destruction,
Oh lord!!!! Why don’t you stop this aggravation.

Death comes out as a champion,
Life is no longer our companion,
The world changes into a graveyard of dead masses,
Bodies continue to burn in red ashes,

Peace seems to be a distant dream,
What I hear is people scream,
In awe of their promised lands,
They hope others to wreck,
Oh lord!!! Why can’t you stop this unforgiving trek.

There are no winners,
There are no losers,
There are no sinners,
Just plain god dammed survivors,
In this reservoir of bloodbath!!!!!

Materialism I Detest

a poem by Axl_izzy_duff_slash

I am scared,
scared of reality of this material beauty,
helpless I am-ravaged,
by node of impending storm of progress,
by your passing shades.

It’s hard to measure,
the wholesome-twosome,
the beginning-the middle-the end,
spread upto in conceivable distance.

I am so small of the flock,
in the current sea,
my horizon is lost,
there is so much speed in my existence,
there are eruptions,
bursting of desires,
killing and devouring of each other,
I dread this threat of universal beauty.

The glow of fire,
when drop of desires drop in it,
nothing is lovable in this material beauty,
the paws of birth and death haunt me,
haunts now and then in dark streams.

The horizon of love is full of smoke,
the dust settles ilea of sea,
where do I go in this dusty disillusioned pasture.

The progress is blind,
who will beautify the art of depth,
by my mothers touch,
who will bind and take us to unfathomable depth,
retract your material beauty of fire.

It’s veining -piercing,
I have no desire to go into the fire with you,
for this blind burning.