Poems by Avantika

What about me?

a poem by Avantika

Don’t tell me,
that you’ll always be there
don’t let me
get used to leaning on you
don’t make me
dream wonderous fantasies
It’s all alright for you,
you’ll get up and leave one day
you’ll move on
and then, there will be,
just me.
It’s okay for you
you’ll catch a glimpse of love
and go on to find it somewhere…
where I’m not there.

Don’t tell me
how much you care
don’t let me
care about you.
Don’t make me
wish to be with you.
Don’t lie to me that way
even though… I want you to.
Sooner or later,
the sun will come up,
reality will set in,
this tiny dream world will end…
I know you’ll be alright,
but what about me?

You’re Beautiful…

a poem by Avantika

God, you’re beautiful
Everything about you is just gorgeous
Your big brown eyes
The broad shoulders
Your innocence, your honesty
The sincerity in your voice
So untouched, so pure…
You stand so earnestly
Aware of yourself
Oblivious to the pretenses that surround you.

Me, myself…
I’m a little crazy
Drowning in my own pool of lies
Don’t know what’s true anymore…
Don’t have the strength to differentiate
Me, myself
I’m ugly
Lost in my rage…
Forgotten what I’m so angry at now…
But too scared to let go.

Would you take me in?
Would you take me away?
I know, there’s no reason
But would you love me anyway?

I think,
You’re just so beautiful
That maybe, with you…
I’ll bask a bit in your glitter
And I’ll be beautiful too…
I think,
If you could see me
See some beauty… in all my crazy imperfections
Would you hold it up…
Shine it up a bit
So I could see it too..
So I’ll know..
I’m as beautiful as you.

Stranger in the Mirror

a poem by Avantika

A really good foundation,
Can cover up pimples,
It can make your face look smooth as silk,
Blush brings some color on your cheeks,
And some shadow can emphasize your eyes…
Add in some gloss on your lips
Lose a couple of pounds…
And voila, you won’t recognize yourself,
Isn’t that what you want?
To be someone else…
To be the girl on TV.
A few finishing touches here and there.
And you can hide yourself.
Shimmer and sparkle
Glitter and glamour
No one can see that you’re crying,
No one can see that you’re hurting,
No one can see you anymore…
And then one day,
You look into the mirror,
Your make up is off,
But the mask still remains…
You reach out,
But there’s no one there anymore…
No one knows who you are…
The mask remains…
And you can’t breath inside it…
Shimmer and sparkle
Glitter and glamour,
Fade out ultimately…
One day you wake up to find
There’s a stranger in your mirror…

Growing up and apart.

Our world’s growing around us,
We’re growing up.
I always thought,
That we’d grow up together.

My world is falling apart,
Order is giving way to chaos,
I always thought
That we’d remain constant

I feel,
Looking at you now
That I’m not enough anymore
To fill your world
Like I used to.

I feel
Being with you now,
That I’m not enough
To hold your heart
Like I used to.

You were the one thing,
I used to count on
To steady me
During turbulent times
But now it seems
Your arms are no longer there.

I fall,
But you don’t want to catch me
I cry
And you’ve grown weary of my tears
It just seems
Like you’ve reached saturation
And there’s nothing I could do
To inspire love
Like I used to

Now there’s no one left to talk to
No one left to turn to.
My whole world used to be you
And now,
I see,
My best friend
Moving away
No longer in need of me,
I see
My first love,
No longer in love with me

My world’s falling apart
Your world moves on ahead.
Oblivious, growing up.
As we grow apart.