Poems by Atul Sharma

I Pretend

a poem by Atul Sharma

I pretend to forget you
In deep inside I know
I cannot forget you

I pretend to live
When I know
I already died

I pretend to see stars in nights
When I know
I have lost my moon

I pretend to be something I am not
When I know
This is what we all do

I pretend to be happy without you
When I know
This is lie

You or Me

a poem by Atul Sharma

I am writing about you
Or me I do not know
Because you are me
I am you
That’s why I am with you
Well our first meeting
I met you or me
I think between you and me
There is no I
Because you and me is we
There is one thing between you and me
That is love

Bangalore City

a poem by Atul Sharma

Living in the room
I am writing a poem
There is nobody in room
Except me and my thoughts
Wondering what I am doing
It is Bangalore city
City of IT industry
City of India’s future
City of many young enigmatic minds
City of traffic congestion
Thinking of going to Metro
City of big shopping malls
City of young girls selling flowers
City with lot of circulating libraries
City with newly upcoming Bangalore Mysore Expressway
City where life never stops
Like one ways of city
I am looking way out of this
Bangalore to my small city Chandigarh
Near the hills of Shivalik
With beautiful Sukhana lake
No traffic congestion
With peace of mind
May be someday
I will retire there to end my journey of life
At present life is going on like one way of Bangalore city
I hope someday
There will be two ways
So that we can move out of city
But at present there is only one way to city of Bangalore

Time never comes back

a poem by Atul Sharma

You looking into my eyes
I looking into your eyes
It became we from I and you
Looking into each others eyes
Time stand still for moment
I want to cherish this moment for life
But oh Time has to go on
Leaving us behind
We moved ahead to face life
We begin at apex of isosceles triangle
But we are left at corners of base
Though Time never comes back
But good thing is that
Moment lived together are held together like love
In our memories forever


a poem by Atul Sharma

Deep in the forest
Moving with car
There are lot of turns
The journey has to end at top of hill
It is destination for all
Some are lost in forest
Some are left behind
We all are moving to same destination
Some are moving fast
Some are moving slow
Some are left thinking
Some are left wondering
It is not short Journey
It takes centuries
But it is worth taking
Because fruits are not small

My Love

a poem by Atul Sharma

My Love for you
How I can tell you
There is no reason for you
How deep my love is for you
This is the deepest emotion which I cannot share with anyone but you
You are whom I wish to see everyday, every minute of my life?
Without whom life looks tasteless, baseless and meaningless
I do not know how to tell you
But wish to God if he is listening
Do something not for me but for you
Fill your life with all colors of life


a poem by Atul Sharma

Lying in bed
Everyday I wonder
Why I am here
What makes me
Keep on going

Everyday ends with night
Night is followed by another day
Day begins with same sweet note of sun
But ends with sadness of night
I wonder from day I was born
It is going on.

Happiness comes like light of Sun
Sadness comes like darkness of night
I wonder in dark days
When there is no light
What keeps me going on?

When I am on the verge of giving up
Light again comes to keep me going
I wonder where this light comes from
Sometimes from eyes of person
Who I do not know touches our soul
Sometimes from the nature
Which always inspires me to keep going on?

I wonder what keeps me going on
In spite of all pain that dwell in me with end of every day
Probably God like ray of Sun enlightens our soul in every dark time
I wonder what keeps me going on…

You cannot see

a poem by Atul Sharma

You cannot see through my eyes love for you
You cannot see how much I care for you
You cannot see what I can do for you
You cannot see this heart is beating for you
You cannot see how this life has changed after meeting you
You cannot see reason mine to be here
You cannot see what life has become for me without you
But whatever you cannot see today
I believe you are going to see someday
May be then I will not be there for you that day
Because in this life you see everything you need not see
But do not see that needs to be seen
Day you get vision to see those things nothing is left to be.


a poem by Atul Sharma

Why we are here
Why we wish to be there where we should not be
Why earth revolves around sun
Why human beings hurt each other feeling just to fulfill there desire
Why we look for reasons to smile
When we smile do you think there is reason for smile
Why to we bother about society
When we want to something, after all society is made by us
Why we fear from loosing
By loosing after all life does not end
One lost battle gives us lesson for winning war
Why we believe in God
About whose existence we are not quiet sure
Why we should not believe in ourselves
Whose existence is as true as life on earth?
Why do we look for reasons to live
When we do not know what made us to be here
And where we have to go after this
Why do we fall in love even though we know
That it is going to bring more pain than love to us?
Why I am writing this even I do not know

Love Never Dies

a poem by Atul Sharma

Love never dies
You and I can die
Love never dies
Emotions comes goes
Life comes and goes
But like soul love never dies
This is neither physical mental psychological reason for love
I do not know reasons
But I believe love never dies
Not by no from other side
Not by betrayal from other side
Not by pressures from life society or family
Love love me not for reason
Not for money
Not for season
But Love me for Love
Not for today
Not for tomorrow
But forever

If there is reason

a poem by Atul Sharma

If there is any reason
Why I am in love with you
Not any other girl I see
That looks better than you
What I feel, love does not look for reason
But it just happens.

When I try to find reasons
Why I feel about you
I am feeling
Whom I have not met
But seen just twice or thrice
I am lost in sea of thoughts and emotions
Love has no reason but it just happens.

I somehow know my origin and destination
But where is the path????????
Darkness seems to be swallowing light
But to get diamonds out of earth
You have to loose connection with light
And move in darkness
I do not know reason for my love to you
But what I know is that
It is deepest emotion of man
Which just happens?
Without worrying about the reasons
As we look for every material thing in this world.

If there is reason for plants to blossom
If there is reason why rivers flow to meet oceans
If there is reason for birds to fly
If there is reason for sun to rise
Let you be my sole reason to be here on this world.