Poems by Ashwini


a poem by Ashwini

I’ve waited a lot
For your confession
For your mistake
That you did with me
But the results from you
Were worse than
The worst, that you
Tried to not to
Break my trust by lying. If the truth
That you may have spoken
Might have joined my heart
Already broken but
Now the moment says
I should not trust you
Cause the crack
Always remains if
You try to join
Broken pieces.

A reason to dance

a poem by Ashwini

The shining sun time
As it was a noon time
Empty road and waiting trees
Walking alone on lonely street
I met some playing kids
They were playing marbles
My mind said try your luck
I tried the game first time,
The marbles were arranged in line
I had a chance to hit the goal,
I prayed god and had my chance
Oh! It was a reason to dance with kids
Who plays once and that wins.