Poems by Ashwin Kumar T


a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

I am floating away,
With nothing at stake,
My thoughts disappearing,
Like the ripples in this lake.

I have been lost for a long time,
Now I am going to find myself again,
These birds fly alongside me,
And I become with the wild, untamed.

The Traveller

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Slowly, like the clouds; I wander,
Below large and unknown skies.
I trip, I fall, I flounder,
With every sunset and sunrise.

Winds of change keep blowing me further,
From thoughts of my home,
I am tense, I sense danger,
As I go to new places; all alone.

But every time there is a good thing to like,
And a bad memory to forget.
New and old places start looking alike,
And soon there are no worries, no regrets.


a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Dance with the wind,
Dance with the waves,
Sing with the birds,
Run with the days.

Enjoy today’s song,
Sing with it all along,
Tomorrow is just another day,
That will soon be gone.


a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Its been a month in unknown seas,
I have been floating on this boat,
Going wherever the wind takes me.

And as the sun sets,
On the remains of the day,
Another today becomes yesterday.

All Alone

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

I start my bike in an eventless street,
And suddenly it roars with activity,
There is a passion there is a rage,
I wanna go wild – the open road beckons me.

Beyond the towns, beyond the city limits;
Where children wave at me from the fields.
The Mountains, The Seas and The Rivers,
And the fisherman in the lake; all alone.

Flowing with the song

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

‘You live a forgettable life’ said He,
‘Don’t you want to do something important?’
I thought that wish I could agree,
About his idea of life, about his intent.

Rather I ask him a question in return,
‘Does the wind plan the route it turns?
Or does the river decide where to flow?’
The Birds just fly; Its we who trace the patterns!

So that’s his idea of life and this is mine,
He has got it all planned out,
But I am just flowing with the song,
Riding along this endless road of time.

I saw you…

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

On a lovely December morning,
Crossing a bright sun-lit street,
Was the first and the last time I saw you.

You wore a blue-green dress,
Walking with easy carelessness,
The first and the last time I saw you.

Like that day of warm winter sunshine,
Your face glowed with a secret smile.
The first and the last time I saw you.

Slowing down, I turned around,
To look at you for a while,
The first and the last time I saw you.

Yet after a few steps along,
You boarded a bus, humming a song,
The first and the last time I saw you.

And today, years since that day,
I wish it was not the last time,
When it was the first time that I saw you.

Before the Storm

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

From my window I can see,
Fear, awe, exhaustion and anxiety.
I can hear boats on the shore,
But all eyes are towards the sea.

Larger waves roll out,
From nature’s womb of mystery.
How is the weather gonna be?
Is everyone’s concern, everyone’s worry.

Almost There

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

The destination is almost there,
But I am wary of going this last mile,
I stand and think and ponder,
About what I was doing all this while.

All the things which were my watch-words,
The cutting edge, aggression, the drive,
Are they of any use at all,
In my day-to-day life.

Is this courage or is this cowardice,
To ask these questions around this time,
I am almost there but something’s wrong,
My innocent satisfaction has long gone.


a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Where do we go from here?
The road has ended,
We are deserted,
Helplessly looking here and there.

Its a deep dark night,
We are looking at the moon,
At the bright twinkling stars,
And how they form the Big Bear.

Waiting as we are for daylight,
Arriving in a few hours or sooner,
Secretly we wish to remain,
Lost forever, in this unknown terrain.

Gertude and the Gold Hunt

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

I went ga-ga on Gertude,
In those heady days of my youth,
She was a cracker of a girl,
She rocked and she swirled.

There were other boys;
For she was quite a sight;
Whom I had to put aside,
To take her to cinema on my bike.

After the youthful brouhaha,
After the usual college brawls,
I thought I had won her over,
And I started to walk tall.

Yet one day I came to know,
My Gertude was mine no more,
She had moved across the coast,
With her folks; looking for gold.

Happy for who we are

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Cool dudes as we are,
Crazy as we shall always be.
Average students,
Scrapping past university.

Yet we are,
Happy about our identity.
Intellectuals we may not be,
But we love biking in wild country.

Broken Innocence

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

I walked the narrow by-lanes,
Of the city rampaged by riots,
Translucent glasses reflecting stains,
On windows dangling from empty holes.

Countless stones smeared with blood,
Slippers left deserted in the mud,
A grey dullness among colourful flags,
People trying to walk: but their footsteps drag.

An eerie silence among countless noises,
Endless retorts, empty voices,
The media is trying as much to ascertain,
Who did this for political gain?

Come back, come back innocence,
Don’t run away from this ghastly town,
You have nowhere to escape,
Every other city, every other place-your blasted destiny is the same.

The bus I waited for…

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

Standing here doesn’t make any sense,
Under the hot sun, in this bus-stand,
For a bus which never comes on time.

But these are the heady days of adolescence,
And under this canopy I stand,
Waiting for an angular glimpse of your sight.

Looking down on me with tentative uncertainty,
As you measure me up in the realm of your dreams,
That window-seat you sit in, always looks bright.

I keep waiting, letting things slip by,
Its a mistake peculiar to this age,
Its the start of a fascination, a new phase of my life