Poems by Ashwin Kumar

Tronics Trickles

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Flintstones and fire, wear and a spear,
Were all that we needed in my yesteryear,
When the world was petite, needs were less,
With Kith and kin staying right with us!

Those were the days of the ancient past,
When people lived with limited cast!
Things have to change as it always does
For we can’t really stay like somber joes!

Man realized there were tougher jobs
That he cannot do with even mightier mobs!
But he knew for sure, he was the one supreme,
And had the brains for even a bigger dream!

To carry him over, thousands of miles,
Was not a joke or a usual wile!
To speak with people and share a smile
Beyond the horizon, seems to demand some guile!!

To tame machines to do his work,
We need a magic, agreed even the berk!
We even wanted to replace the sickle,
And that is the moment when tronics trickled!

This sacred mother of all inventions
Is the magic wand that changed all conventions!
It has its life in the tiny electrons
And is here to stay for many aeons!!

Right from the watch on the wrist,
To the satellites on the air,
Tronics shares an unforgettable tryst
And plays a role that’s quite fair!!

The movie that we enjoy
And the telephones that we use,
Are nothing but a tronic toy!
I bet! They never fail to amuse.

Sound of a motor in a distant factory,
And fan that rotates as you read this one,
The bulb that glows even in the lavatory,
Would have been a dream and this isn’t a pun!

The car that you drive and train you catch,
Friendship overseas that you intend to patch,
The voices of you loved ones wherever you want,
Medical gadgets when you huff and pant!

The music you have listened,
And the robot that has been christened,
The automation that you see,
And the means when you wanna flee!!

Few good reasons are these to say,
Right from my heart without any pay,
That where we are from where we were,
Is all because of tronical care!

The journey is long and we’ve just begun,
Thanks that we have a flawless wagon,
Get in to it and join us folks,
We’ll take you to future and these aren’t jokes!

Pain in the Heart

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Bloody teenage in my life
Started searching for a good wife!
It did with all the buck,
And selected one, just my luck!

For all that you know,
She was not very bad!
Beauty she had much to show,
Made others wish they had!

She was quite dumb,
That made me feel numb!
Her smile! oh that sword,
Killed me without a word!

Her eyes were too shrewd,
Just making anybody easily glued!
They seem to explore your heart
And read the mind as fast as a dart!!

The main aorta and every vessel,
Bunch of nerves and all the muscle,
Grumbling stomach and patient intestine,
Searched for her in operations clandestine!

Aching nerves of my optics,
And thought of doubtful skeptics,
Wait for that day’s glory,
Ah… this is the daily story!!

Any trouble in dear life,
Is always a pain in the neck!
But this one,.you can check!
It’s a pain in the heart!!

Bloody teenage in my life
Started searching for a good wife!
It did with all the buck,
And selected one, just my luck!!!

Dame or Lame?

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Always set to wake up the sun,
My Indian women are on the run,
All day long from dawn to dusk,
Scorched and baked like a tiny rusk!

All they knew was to serve their husband,
No matter he is lively or sober,
Not because he gave love and fund,
But because he gave the rank of ‘mother’!

Husband’s order was the first book,
And she followed it with no second look!
For sure he was christened for others to call,
But she wasn’t for it even on last fall!

Boon she was for the chauvinist race,
Even if they showered their malicious grace!
Never did she see him face to face,
And followed him always with a shadow’s pace!

For anything in the world has to change,
And this unique scenario had no special range!
Calling a person by his very own name
Was not found wrong by our modern dame!

Wrong he was when he argued for fame
And punishable he was for excuses lame!
Serving the wife is no big deal
And they bet for sure, it is no ordeal!

Equally they placed the men and women,
And argued they are all completely common!
This is the fashion right on date
And it continues now, with none to abate!

Poisonous Elixir

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

With the burden of waking up the cocks and hen!
Starts his day with nothing more to pen!!
Four unmarried siblings and their torn dress
And their ugly countenance and hanging tress
Are not the only sights that prevent
This poor man’s eternal nap!
All he does is sob and lament
For his past life which he prefers to zap!
Haunting memories of the dead wife;
The threatening realities of dear life;
Gratefulness of his own foes!!
And the dark side of the elixir dose!
Harsh truths that defied him,
See him today thin and slim!
And his very duty that saved him,
Agonizes his state in a light that’s dim!

Good old days were there,
When people were ready to swear
That this man was their savior
Who never tolerated cheap behavior!
But now he stands alone- Wishing
His Country never will produce any such Clone!
For all you know, dear wonderer,
He was not really a murderer!!!

His wife would love to watch that diamond ring
On his digit, dance like an emperor full of zing
And he would die to see the gold
Tangling over his wife’s body, now sold!!
Four cute little proofs-
For the happiness that rested under their roofs!!!
If at all a life were to be heaven-it seemed
That was the place for the Gods even!

The entire Army cherished his presence,
And adored him for his charismatic luminescence!
Even older parents went on penance
To beget such a son- hoped the poor nuns!!!
After him did every man wonder
Whether ever could there be another such commander!
The country’s trust was with him
For she knew then her future will never be dim!
Worthy he was for all that trust
The only such guy on this entire crust!
Nothing went wrong in his entire premises
Till the day, when began the nemesis!!

Selling and buying was never so new,
Until the day he was asked to give
His country’s secrets and some cheap clue!
Negation would mean cessation to live!!
A drop of poison in a stream of blood?
Royal and righteous from the first flood!
Undisturbed was he and truthful he stood
Setting great examples, as he should!
Terror was he for those who erred
And laid the trap for ‘those’ preferred!

The opponents devoid of any interest
In this man of sheer bloody truth!
Took his wife for a look of lust,
And treated his clones like a pile of dust!
His wife was new for this sudden shock
And her breath very soon did block!
Tiny tots bathed in acid!
Could never anymore remain placid!!
Their faces that portrayed God’s dream
Were all down now in the garbage stream!

Even carrots weren’t chopped like his toes
And an eye was pricked by dear old foes!
A deep cut near his nose
Took away from him his adorable pose!
With a leg and an arm banished with pain,
The dear old hero’s valor in vain,
And with a heart that saw never any stain,
He remained the same even in his vein!
Useless he proved for a job in army
Owing to the incident that’ll live in infamy.

For a man who knew nothing bad,
With truth in his heart, well clad,
Such a fate is really very sad
And drives his followers complexly mad!

Never he was short of any money,
All thanks to the grateful army!
But dear little wife and charming tots,
All gone now like the cracked pots!!
With old age and four eternal maidens,
He leads his life with sorrows laden!
All because he was very good
And will be, till he finds his wood!!!
He’ll live there very much amidst
Haunting memories of the dead wife
The threatening realities of dear life
Gratefulness of his own foes!!
And the dark side of the elixir dose!

Just as…

a poem by Ashwin Kumar

Just as the dream reached its peak,
   The bloody alarm drove it weak!
And thy pretty face fluttered away,
   Giving way for the real day!

Just as the aroma of the caffeine dose
   Played its way thru my inner nose,
My eyes get busy with a distant gaze
   Viewing your face in a crystal maze!

Just as I get ready with great pace
   Managing my bread and shoe’s lace,
The urge to see thy refreshing face
   Forces me like a horse’s race!

Just as I reach my place of study
   Amidst friends and my best buddy,
My senses start their expectant search
   And my body feels like beaten with a birch!

Just as I find that it is really you!
   My forehead sweats like morning dew!!
The fear of others seeing me blush
   Forces a ‘hi’ as if I’m in rush!

Just as our teacher starts his chore
   And the entire class begins to snore!
It is me, who is alert all the more,
   Staring at you till my eyes get sore!!

Just as the bell goes for the hour,
   I feel like I’m out of a bar!
My buddy sees me in a condition bizarre
   And realizes the need for a great big jar!!

Just as I stagger to the café
   You’re still there in my safe!!
My buddy gets me a full coke
   And I gulp it down without any choke!

Just as I hurry, back to the dorm,
   Like a strong and long-awaited storm,
To continue the responsible duty
   Of relishing the unbeatable beauty!!

Just as the dong goes for the day,
   My eyes yearn for an early lay!
And waits patiently for that night’s dream
   Where I can be with you without any scream!!

Just as I again set my clock
   And sleep amidst my own mock!
It’s all again the same old news!
   The ecstatic pandemonium continues!!