Poems by Asha Sunil

That’s me…

a poem by Asha Sunil

I am so full of sunshine
That it takes a little darkness
For the world to see me…

I am so full of warmth
That it takes the winter’s kiss
For the world to feel me…

I am so full of love
That is takes some pain and tears
For the world to believe me!!!

So I stand here… unseen, unfelt and uncomprehended…
Just to save you from the darkness, cold and pain…

Sweet Innocence

a poem by Asha Sunil

Tell me how I could live again
Those vibrant and colourful days
When my heart was light, my thoughts were free
When life seemed a miracle with so many things to see…
Tell me how I could feel again
The wonder as I peep through the window
The joy of sunshine, the moods of the wind
The music of rain and the mysteries of heaven…
Tell me how I could seek again
The simple pleasures that life had to offer
Sing-alongs and bed-time stories and family
And smile again when I’m dreaming…
Tell me how I could revel again
In being me and see no flaws
Love me, live my life and be happy
Tell me how I could be me again…
Tell me how I could hold you again
For without you I lost so many things
Those seem trivial but mean so much
Show me again the content and bliss…
Come back to me Sweet Innocence…

To my lonely ranger

a poem by Asha Sunil

Hey there, my lonely ranger
Its been so long since you said Hi
May be you thought you scared me away
Or may be you thought I said good bye

Would you believe it if I say I’m still here
Right where you left me in tears
Waiting for another chance to reach out to you
There is an unspoken little bond that awaits to be renewed

I wonder how you’d have been as a kid
Would there still be this bull-headedness
That quick temper that flashes so oft
Or where they just what time has stamped
Over a smile that could have been so soft?

Maybe if we’d met in a different time
Shared a candy or two, said different lines
Built a few castles in our backyards
I’d have cracked a few walls around your heart
And yeah, that would have been a better start…

There is no meaning… hoping for a past
When even the present would not forever last
Still I’m searching for the lost little kid
Who peeks out sometimes before you shut the lid

The Foolish Mind

a poem by Asha Sunil

Waiting for tomorrow,
Is my agenda for today,
Even when tomorrow comes,
I find no way.

Where is this going?
Where will it end?
This restlessness, this impatience,
It troubles me again and again.


a poem by Asha Sunil

Beyond horizons, beneath oceans
The mystery that goes beyond perception
Something with no beginning
Something with no end
Something closest to being God
Something on which everything depends
The whole born out of the whole
The root of knowledge, the unreachable goal
Oh endless passion, oh human heart
Oh infinity, how supreme thou art!

As I move on…

a poem by Asha Sunil

Me- an universe of atoms
An atom in this universe
I’ve begun this journey- destination unknown
Each phase-the time to prepare to move
The love for myself drives me
On and ahead those milling crowds
And what I gather in the sea of life
Is just to ensure that I reach the shore
Never am I lost-for I do believe
That the place I am now-is yet another home
And when I leave-I bleed not
Because there is still something left unexplored
I know the journey is long and slow
But to make it worthwhile shall be my goal
I may be forgotten here-my footsteps erased
There is no heartache-for a traveller knows
That moving on is the way it goes…

Moonlight’s kiss

a poem by Asha Sunil

As the winds beckoned me just like the old times
I slipped out stealthily into my terrace
Just to be captivated again
By the silent beauty of the night
There was that age-old dance
Of the coconut trees in the winter breeze
And the scented scrubs romancing with the wind
The wild fragrance of the delicate jasmine
Brings back those haunting memories in my mind
Of the days I spent in solitude
Beneath the starry heavens, as I dreamed
Of myths and legends that passed here
Aeons ago… Things that I may never know
I’ve sung so many songs to people I’ve never met
But who share this caress of the sweet night
I heard many golden notes floating down too
I wonder how fast those times flew
I remember those silly picnics in the moonlight
When the air echoed with jokes and laughter
Some mirthless days, when I cried alone there
Watching the unfading lights beyond
I deploringly took in every detail
For I had missed many such magical nights
Nights- which they call the lovers bliss
When all things look beautiful- in the moonlight’s kiss

What do I do?

a poem by Asha Sunil

I’ve spent about an hour in front of the mirror
Hoping to catch your eyes this evening
And there you are standing as enchanting as ever
The sheer sweetness drugging my heart
I try to make you notice me- I’m doing all I can
Drawling, laughing, and making gestures
Talking to everyone but my mind set on you
Finally a glance and I jump at the chance
Are all guys so blind when it comes to this?
We talk, I can catch you saying something
Not exactly what I need to hear, but talk on
Though that voice of yours distracts me
Beyond the verge of my sanity
You speak of science and its mysteries
You show your expertise in philosophy
You may be wise in everything but this
Leaving me to fume at your stupidity
There are much more things in life
Many lovely things you fail to see-like
There is this girl who is crazy for you
A girl who has laid her heart open
A girl who is almost dying to let you know
That she is in the danger of falling in love with you
Well, must I venture a little more and say
“Hey that is me!”, to you?!!!


a poem by Asha Sunil

Falling for you is the height of insanity
Maybe it is a temptation by itself
It is too hard to resist, I might just give in
To this deadly but charming sin…
I may never reveal, though it is tough to hide
But deep within I must confide
That the fear of losing you, my dear
Makes having you in just my dreams more secure…
I’m still trying to get over this feel
Well… though a dream it is still so real
Love at first sight- is it just this?
But we’ve never met- so what could this be?
Whatever it is, however it may turn out
I just wanna say I’m yours throughout
And even if I never get to have you in my life
I’ll remain moonstruck like this forever…


a poem by Asha Sunil

It fell- a fairy’s dream- upon my cheek
So elegant, so simple- it’s quiet beauty
It broke down my eloquence into sweet silence
With just a smile to let it know
Despite it being a part of a million
Soon to melt or be trodden upon
Each flake a beauty to behold
Each one with a story untold
I may not have been able to absorb so much
But just this little message I took
That I was meant to be the best I can-
As this little flake I gently brushed-


a poem by Asha Sunil

There is the strange feeling of being hunted,
A fear of the shadows and daylight too,
So blinded by the flashing warnings,
I stumble knowing not what is true:
Whenever those curtains of uneasy calm fall
I call it quits to this masquerade-but then
I’m not holding the strings, so I move
Like a puppet dancing in the wind…
There’s loneliness- the wound and the remedy,
Disappointment of being alone in the crowd
A part of me searching for a sweet solace,
A part me of me crying out aloud
“Enough” is what I often say
But I move beyond not knowing how
So do most, though they pretend otherwise
Helpless, for we do not have a choice…


a poem by Asha Sunil

There is an emptiness in the air
The place which reserved for her golden voice
A greater void in every heart that knew her
Eyes yearn to glimpse her supreme poise
She was a jewel from the dust,an outcast by birth
With that one talent that no one could hide
She exuded an aura of divinity in music
Many rigid barriers she pushed aside
And now she is gone, but has left behind
Her footsteps for sure in the sands of time
And whenever the air fills with her strains
It goes to show she has not lived in vain…


a poem by Asha Sunil

A restless night after a tiring day
Sleep should have evaded, but I’m still awake
An unknown itch has caught on to me
Taking my thoughts into captivity
A fountain of questions emanate in my mind
Answers for many I seek not, incase I find
I try philosophy; it just makes me worse
For the river of questions takes a different course
And when I try to shut my mental doors
These questions increase, adding on to my woes
At last I give in and mellow down fine
I sink into the ocean of questions in my mind
They become formless as I sink really deep
Sinking just as I wanted, into a dreamless sleep…

Song of Death

a poem by Asha Sunil

The hearth is cold, the sun has set,
The makeshift roof flutters in the breeze,
The pots are empty, not a morsel to eat,
A piteous wail, raises her to her feet-
She looks at her bundle of hope
Crying out of hunger, which she so much longs to do-
For all the days of toil and sweat
And nights of brutal fate
And dreams that lay shattered
And hopes that have gone away
She knows that those tears
Can be just by one way stopped
She drifts away into a lullaby,
And the crying soon did cease,
She stops for she knows it is over:
A soul had been saved from further misery…