Poems by Aryaindia

Writing again

a poem by Aryaindia

Sitting here surrounded by routine
Mind has subjected itself to circumstances
Toubled day and night – unable to write
A block – A writer’s block – right !

Now disappointment gives way to hope
Yes – to hope that I can write
Write for my own well being – a passion
Eating out of me for so many years

This joy seeps into my being
Tearing past the ache of knowing
Knowing not what to write about
I am flying high on the cloud of dreams

Writing again


a poem by Aryaindia

I fathom the deep gorges and crevices in my heart
As upsurging waves that hit the shores
Creating unsurpassed amazing musings
Of Divine creations bestowed unto me
Merely out of earthly frustrations
Of worldly lust, desire and selfishness
That cling to me like unchangeable leeches
Imposing my views unconditionally
To glorify my already tormented soul
To a vision so far misconstrued enormously
As poetic delight pledges raw
Unconquerable quests that so lie hidden
Deep in the corridors of promising destiny
Awakening the spirit of enchantment
In sanguine and comfortable staid ambience
To strike discordant notes freestyle
In recorded moments in the unconscious brain
That does not conform to form or structure
Much less to some skill to perfect
Just to the pleasure of recognition
By giants in the same unending struggle
To win an identity as one that lived
For else we live in this world but once
And leave no mark whatever unto the grave


a poem by Aryaindia

Oh heart! How unreasonable art thou?
It must disappointment be
To act unjustified right now!
Blood rushes to the brain
And drains the body of strength
Heart pounds, gives no reason
Torture! Thy name is love?

Endless full days having waited
In vain not I thought
Only to be deceived now
No sight nor voice to behold
Short is life, maybe half spent
Hope lies, belies the self
What is the goal, who knows?
Tears well up, only the heart knows

Yet, Oh heart How reasonable art thou?
You criticize and condemn
Next minute, sympathize and uphold
You cry and weep, yet no one knows

Oh heart! You ache and feel
How strong are you, or are you?
The pressure within may lift one day
Explode and end inside

Then, who will know why
The pain, the suffering
The right to cry! The will to live!
The will to die!
The will to be born once more
Destined to be owned, once more for sure
Somewhere in the madding crowd
You beat alone, groping unheard

To a new world
Where, sorrows of life behind
Are joys of life beyond
Where disappointment turns to hope
Darkness merges to light
And finally…
Where, dreams are reality
Life, blissful and eternal

Then and Now

a poem by Aryaindia

I grappled for – comfort
In joys that filled my day
Though weary I did feel
I merrily went my way

My heart it wept and sighed
For all things – old and new
But hardly got hindsight
Of things so good and true

I hunted far and near
For time just hard to find
Alas! In daily chores
It settled – in my mind

That need it be so true
The love I feel for you?
The rise and fall in doubt
I hate to yell it out

My soul it loves to sing
The feeling – it does bring
The mind it follows sure
To every heart – a cure

I battle with the fear
Of losing things so dear
I live to be a lark
On souls’ search embark

Emboldened by the pain
When sadness seems to rain
The rainbow in the sky
It makes me feel so high

(Dedication: To people who made my days)

Upto the Alter of Marriage

a poem by Aryaindia

Strange are the ways of nature
I dwell on life itself as it brings
Memories unrestrained in waves
Stilled only by the frames of time
Unyielding to the desires of mankind
In short, resisting the pressures of mind
To go ahead, unmindful of the past
Here was a time, as a child
Green were the pastures through
The bright window of the mind’s eye
Relentless and thrilled by happenings
Caring less for dangers lurking
Pursuing wishes, hoping for the rainbow
Vain and capable, bringing around
Parents and peers, giving in to dreams

Then was the time, an age in teens
Nothing short of pursuing dreams
Ruthless, persevering, getting to know
Ways of life, building castles galore
Imagination unfolding desires
Now knowing channelising
Slave to habits, caring the least
Pooh poohing experienced guides
Came then a time, the youthful age
Hot, surging, blood in brain
Triumphant, age most beautiful
Lovely appeared everything
Nothing mattered it seemed
Dreams to come true, still
Thought for sure, will they?
Yet undeterred, things astray

Marriageable came next in line
Positive thoughts gave way to none
The will to survive and succeed
Against all odds it seems
Doing just that, bells do ring
Tying the knot, for better still
Things happen as they must


a poem by Aryaindia

As become stars across pathway
As centaurs cool end clings lasting
Budding garland is flowering new

As becomes tuned with time
As perseverance brings results
Honing skill is awakening souls

As becomes winged an insect
As fluids reach its wings
Making it stronger to fly unhindered

So do the stars, so do some dreams
So does man, continue pursuit

Into the unknown, yes, the unknown!

“Some people leave behind a fragrance in spirit unknown”


a poem by Aryaindia

Dedication: To all on this site who persevere to heal hearts

The yellow and blue artist’s scene
Perhaps finds beauty proud
In pleasures of the dainty hand
Bringing ecstasy mentionable
Inborn appreciation stands lounging
Unable to underrate the skills
Like festered wounds healing sudden
A miracle to the tormented soul

Oh God, Your Wish!

a poem by Aryaindia

To my mother

Clinging to life, I
Drowned in sorrow too
Sharing shattered dreams
Of so close a one
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Harping on dreams, I
Lifted in spirit too
Haggling with nature
To so be kinder still
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Feeling so numb, I
Weak in strength too
Pleading with mankind
To be a little humane
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Toiling alone, I
Bereft of friendship too
Begging for freedom
For souls like mine be
Oh God, is this too your wish?

In deed I have not failed once the least
In duty I have not compromised true
In caring I have not low thoughts entertained
Then why Oh God why do you test me so?
Is this too your wish?

“I cling to hopes, dreams and prayers for all in sincerity”

Ageless Beauty

a poem by Aryaindia

To finding that in everything regardless of age

Surrounded by distant shadows
He like an old frozen crag
Looking gone to earth
Sees beauty in her artless form

Only her tapestry weaving shades
That look beautiful to him
Least of charmed looks he sees
As wine on a warm sultry day

Mixed Feelings

a poem by Aryaindia

To Utter confusion not only in mind but in heart as well

The wrinkles formed on my heart
Need to be ironed out
Nature, stand by me in this
As a pillar of strength abide
For when I pour out my sorrow
You lap it up without question
Not even my follies do you remind
Strange that I look up to you
Begging for strength superior
And clarity of thought and action
Which seem to forsake at this hour

My inconsolable suffering
On an impulse of unwarranted anger
Pinches my heart in unknown ways
Misery laughs with unrestricted glee
As I twitch and toss with melancholy
Though life never stands still
Yet faith and hope remain
When all is lost and done
Willed destiny is however to be borne
As what does begin must end
That seems to be the rule of life

Happiness is the mind, in it
And mind can make the heart
Beat happily once more
That again, for sure!


a poem by Aryaindia

(To Aditya (Hinduism) – the Sun God)

On high peak of a mountain
At rise of sun I gape
The golden color my eyes to make
To twinkle in amazement at his spread-
Of dawn I rise to greet from bed

A little later, I feel the heat
Rays so striking but very neat
He pierces through my inner being
I gasp with exasperation seeing
The change in nature I perceive

Evening sun so tames self true
Inner radiant with beaming hue
At horizon, the blend so flush
The radiance sent so makes me blush
Ending his array of brilliance lush

Next, westward does he go
To capture hearts like mine that flow
With such delight that no one knows
In truth he fills my mind to blow


a poem by Aryaindia

(Dedication: To emotion that turns full circle
when something pinches at its core.)

The fog yonder encloses
The serene scene high above
Like a closed arena
I seem to have no escape
For my emotions somersault
Into nothingness as I stare
For I am shortly to be it seems
Bidding adieu for keeps
My inner urges spite my present state
Wrenching at my very core
Its existence without sleep that lulls
Peace eluding my calm exterior

(Author’s Comments:
“Sadness too is a form of expression”)

Wheel of Time

a poem by Aryaindia

(Dedication: To ancient values returning)

Like time that is a Wheel
A circle, returning to the same point
Old Age values shift to newer ones
Now more in tune with Nature
We return to ancient wisdom
Primitive ways seem meaningful
Advanced is understood as destruction

We are at the very bottom
Of the darkest part of the Age
We have no option but to come up
Being in the Wheel of Time
In methodical and profound ways
Knowledge, the lamp post
Shows the way to enlightenment

(Author’s Comments: “… just some thoughts…”

Hues Unparalleled

a poem by Aryaindia

To colors that affect me in every way

Lilac, the color of my dreams
Pale hue, virtually a maze
Quivers the brilliance of rays
That strike fascination in my mind

Silver, the color of my hopes
Beg me ever not to give up
The clouds they bestow succinctly
Clairvoyance with their lining

Purple, the color of my lust
Creeps dipping within me I find
Reminding me if time and again
That I am so vulnerable found

Green, the color of my vision
Satiates success in endeavors
Looking beyond the horizon
I, eager for greener pastures

Maroon, the color of my love
Glows in crimson shades
Romance brightens the feel of my soul
To carry on for yet another day

Blue, the color of my peace
Within me deep she reigns true
Touching the depths of the calm sea
Highest peaks of sky does she scale

Yellow, the color of my sensitivity
The pallor she mysteriously dwells
In crevices of my alert brain
She does find comfort in stealth

Orange, the color of my desires
They spurt in directions wide
They fail often in culmination
Too many for me to channelize

Red, the color of my blood
Craves to gush intermittently
As heart beats on relentlessly
Pressure she maintains continuously

Indigo, the color of my fascination
For all that is naturally found
The God above, he rules the world
Observing my delight on the ground

Violet, the color of my happiness
In shades she splashes her mirth
I kind of slip out of her hold sudden
Still, she holds me in her girth

Grey, the color of my sorrow
Presents herself in seeming bouts
She reminds me of her presence
Of that, I never have doubts

Cream, the color of my tastes
Sophistication in all they scream
I wish rawness to escape their hold
But, they pull back into their realm

Mauve, the color of my anger
She spits fire as if really mad
I calm her senses, if only I can
Sometimes she leaps out of hand

Brown, the color of my conscience
Hangs heavily on my brow
I grapple to keep her within bounds
I only wish, I could know how

Pastels, the colors of my integrity
Striving to remain seen
They yell at me to keep them strong
Like them, I have seemingly been

Dark or light, my inconsistencies
I desperately keep at bay
They attack me ever so often
Eventually I escape, having my way

Black, the color of my frustration
She impales me in speechless sprees
I delve to scan her intentions
From her, I can never be free

THEN,White, the color of my solitude
I retreat oft into her realms
She’s packed with all the colors above
In her presence, I can realise my dreams

“These, the very colors of my life and soul”

Angst Never

a poem by Aryaindia

(Dedication: To what I fill up with against the world)

I kill, torture, enjoy the pleasure
Of seeing others in pain
They must not die but be in agony
For I am appeased by their anguish
The rotten stretch of imagination
Bleeds the wounds with stench
I will not caress the wound
Nor try to make life easier
For, I celebrate the suffering
The destiny of mankind that rots
In depths of insecurity and revenge

I am the anger in my bloody veins
Yes, my blood is black
Go ahead tell, yes, tell
Tell the one who says it is red

“Something I have never tried writing before”