Poems by Arun C G

I pray to God that…

a poem by Arun C G

I pray to God that…
may my future be fruitful
without fear and fate.
May my fortune be always familiar
without forget and furfait.
may my forthcoming be fortunate
without funk and furious.

I pray to God that…
may my face be free
without fury and fuss.
May my frontier be un-finished
without fraud and fro.
May my formalities be foul
without fort and forth.

I pray to God that…
may I be helped in foreseeing forever
without flaw and fool.
May my focus always foe
like a fling flint.
May my foot steps flow you
without favouritism and fault…


a poem by Arun C G

How bright the colors,
shining before our eyes.
color, the combination of colors
Brightening up light and bright.

Color relate our minds
through stones and gems.
Ruby the red, topaz the yellow
gives the new stone orange.

Butterfly is praised
for its standard beautiful color.
Caterpillar is praised
for its changeable beautiful color.

Consider a prism as a white glass,
passing a white light
we get seven colors.

Our mind is a prism in sense white,
where several ideas come out
from a single view.