Poems by Arul Prakash

Unbound Life

a poem by Arul Prakash

“What’s in your mind?” I asked.
“Show me your dreams”, I meant.
Dreams unwound.
The mysteries were dense, the bright light blinded me.
He showed me his dreams.
I saw the lives of a 1000 people,
they flashed – On and Off, On and Off.
I saw the boy’s eyes which dreamed of the flight.
I saw the Mother’s eyes seeking for food for her hungry child.
I saw the estranged traveler’s eyes which searched for the direction.
I saw the fisherman’s expectant eyes, for the days catch.
I saw the cat’s gentle paw, asking for the fish
I saw the scared fish’s eyes asking for its life. Its freedom.
I saw the grief of the ocean, for it had parted the fish.
I saw the clouds weep for they could not bear the pain of the gloomy ocean.
I saw the smiling face of the farmer, for it had rained.
I saw the haste of the bird, to catch the worm,
for it was already early and it had rained last night.
I saw the careless eyes of the worm,
for it asked for the sun to bask its wet home.
“Those are just a few”, he said, “I want to live all those lives.
Everyday is a new experience and every moment worth its weight in gold.”

The world knows not

a poem by Arul Prakash

The joy of a mother for her kids,
the frolic of the carnival kid,
the pleasure of the lovers first kiss,
the pride of the painter for his creation,
the world knows not.

The craving for a mothers love,
the pain of a lovers soul,
the hunger of a kid,
the depth of the teenage heart,
the world knows not.

The fear of the young lad for the dark nights,
the despair of the father who lost his kid,
the sorrow of the departed love,
the desperation of the writer for his block,
the world knows not.

The sound of the waves that hit the shore,
the fragrance of the first bloom of spring,
the sight of the early summer sun,
the touch of the new born offspring,
The World know NOT.

With or Without you

a poem by Arul Prakash

I wouldn’t say, that my world is in ruins without you.
I wouldn’t say that, My life is worthless without you
I wouldn’t say that, you would be the only girl, in my life, all through.
I wouldn’t say, I would love you more than anyone else can.

But all I can say, is,
If you were, just beside me, the world would seem to be a better place
If you were, just beside me, I would be a better person than I am now.
If you were, just beside me, I would lose my sorrows in your loving arms
If you were, just beside me, love would have a different expression.

Miles apart my Love

a poem by Arul Prakash

Time has been slipping through like a river downstream
and the winds blew midst us,
where the lands divide us.
We do stay far apart my love,
But your thoughts and my sweet memories of you,
and the time we spent together,
are what still holds my breath.

Though boundaries seen and unseen bind me,
my free mind wavers like a fluttering leaf,
still holding to the tree even
midst the strong wind that threatens to devour them.

This world of sand and wind,
rips us apart, but my soul,
for whom the sky is the limit,
feels one with you,
for you are my friend
you are my Love,
you are my soulmate,
you are all that I can ask for.

It might sound very funny and foolish to you,
but this is how I feel about us.
And let me tell you something,
even when the mightiest power of time is against us,
my heart will always skip a beat,
when I think of you my love.