Poems by Arti Panwar

Love through Eyes

a poem by Arti Panwar

Into your beautiful brown eyes when I peep,
I feel as if I have sunk in a sea so deep.

I am ready to sink in these eyes and die,
To bid this world, my last goodbye.

For me, my world is only you,
From loving you, I shall never eschew.

Without you, I am so incomplete,
As a dessert is, when not sweet.

For me you are a drop of water in a desert,
How much I love you, I need not assert.

My love for you, through words which could not be expressed,
You can find it shining in my eyes, it can’t be suppressed.

The day, language of eyes you would learn,
That day bright flame of our love would surely burn.

This day would soon come, I hope.
Till then this emptiness and loneliness in life, I shall cope.


a poem by Arti Panwar

Who is a father?
All comforts for his kids who tries to gather.

Hard as rock from outside,
Soft as wax from inside.

Not always, his mind, does he speak,
But wants to see his kids at their peak.

To give us a good life, who works hard,
When at night to our comfort zone, we retard.

Even greater than the world wonders, which are, seven,
On this earth, to us, he is heaven.

To our joy, who always makes an addition,
He is God’s most wonderful and unique creation.

To our happiness who strives to add,
He is none other than our loving Dad.


a poem by Arti Panwar

Wherever I see, I see your beautiful eyes,
Your face is like a glowing sunrise.

Come O’ Dear to stay in my heart,
And make it a masterpiece of art.

Without you my persona is incomplete,
When you are around my mood is upbeat.

The bud of my heart would bloom into a flower,
Plenty of love on me, if you would shower.

Today in my heart rests a sweet pain,
Come quickly or my eyes would rain.