Poems by Ardhendu Bhatia

Thank You

a poem by Ardhendu Bhatia

Between the Diwali shine,
In the arms of newly dressed bride,
Rambagh Palace
A couple of hours
With your hospitality
Became a joyful ride.

A journey embossed in our heart
Don’t think it will tear apart
With your tender smile
And your warm hospitality
The elegance and fragrance
Does mark up your beauty.

Thank you “Prarthana”
For all the pain you took for us
We wish you a great future
Which is obviously conspicuous.

My Reincarnation

a poem by Ardhendu Bhatia

The law came as a fiasco to Tagore;
He rendered he could not take it anymore.
So he flowed in the smooth waters of art,
There stood Geetanjali distance apart.
Nobel and Knighthood grace his laurel’s synopsis;
But there is more he has done to earn apotheosis.
Shanti Niketan a witness to the finest creation,
Jan Gan Man earned the respect of the nation.
For today it’s a pity to lose a wealth;
To degrade a nation and its literary health.
For I do cry deep inside my heart,
On plagiarism and the stolen art.
Embezzle my laurel; I won’t whine
But don’t evade a heritage so divine.
Come children, because you are the future of our homeland,
Rise again and show the world for what you stand;
For what you stand!

A date with my dream girl

a poem by Ardhendu Bhatia

I will wait for the day
when you will be in front of me,
when I would hold your hand
and get down to my knee.

I would fall in your deep resplendent eyes;
just like a ball flying to the boundary
giving four runs in byes.
Then you will ask whether
I really love you,
we know, giving an answer to this question
is a very special thing to do.

After that, a soft music by Michael Bolton would flow
and we would dance hand in hand with flowers on the floor.
Next, I would narrate you a flamboyant love story
and you would look back with a smile having Mona Lisa glory.

Oh! Oh!! What is happening?
I think my dream is collapsing!
Suddenly the alarm clock bangs on my dream
the show is over it seems.

A Life Reckless

a poem by Ardhendu Bhatia

A life reckless
Hopeless and hapless
Where am I to go?
What path will God show?
Stuck between two hallways
Don’t know for how many days.
O God! Help me help me, I shout
The time is runnin’ out!
Hoping someone would come,
To complete my run
Helping me when
I am done.
With things which are jumbling me up,
I can’t take this pain sub! sub!
When its going to end
How much would I have to bend.
In front of my providence
Somebody give me independence.
From this life
Take me higher
It is hurting like I am being
Pinched by a knife.

Bear it buddy
That’s the way life goes
You never know how it glows.
It will end up in happy days
Only if you take the toughest ways
And face the torturing rays.
So, stand up
And start again
Play against that knife’s pain.
Run into your life
Like an action movie
Destroying your obstacles
Not shying from more debacles.
Then the flavour of your first sweat
Would taste the sweetest
And you will emerge a winner
Then all you have to do
Is to go with your girlfriend
On a dinner.
There come the happy days
“All’s well that ends well” that’s what Manu says.

12 hours journey to a new world

a poem by Ardhendu Bhatia

A 12 hours journey
To a whole new conurbation
To face a totally new situation
In the train I kept thinking
Seeing my father’s face winking
Sigh! I don’t wanna go
You have to!
There’s brand new talent
You have to show.

I don’t know what’s it gonna be,
That new place for me.
Amidst all confusion I will land there,
I could have landed anywhere
Why here?
It had to be so, dear.
Wishing New Delhi and Chandigarh to be my place,
I landed Indore in the race.
I am dying to see its face
While I will be tying my shoe’s lace.

What’s it gonna be hell or heaven
Or a place beyond cloud seven.
O God, I am very tensed
It’s not gonna be easy
I already had sensed.
As I went through this line.
My father asks
“Son, will you like to dine?”
What the hell!
I am going there to shape my life
Not to search for a twenty years old wife.

Indore, what’s in the name
Only getting there would tell its fame.
Any how, the wind passing on my skin
A kind good feeling aroused in me
How is it gonna be I could see.