Poems by Archana Vuppala

Best Friends

a poem by Archana Vuppala

I always had a little hope in my heart,
That someone from somewhere will come to be my friend.
I harbored this feeling for long,
I looked around to see who had a room for me.
It was then you poked your finger on my shoulder.
I turned astounded-
Me mortal and you immortal!

Fie! Is this the end of the world?
But I love you and you’ll care till the end of the world.
We talk from a base- that being our hearts.
You broke the huge barrier-one could ever come across,
You told me you cared.

Now, I need no friend,
Because I know-after my death,
My soul shall drift to your gate.

Now, no one can come between us,
For our friendship,
We’ve even conquered death.


a poem by Archana Vuppala

Never in my life have I felt so uncertain,
Never in my life was I so scared,
To come to think of it,
Oh! I do fret.

So much to achieve, yet I know not how,
So much to prove, but face another wall,
So much to do and I wonder-what else,
To be frank, I am confused and alone.

Like I said, never have I felt so scared,
To wonder what surprise life will bring,
To wonder what tomorrow shall bring,
Save me from this predicament and make me sing.

There’s a lot I’ve learnt from this,
One that it won’t stay,
Two that it will teach, three that God is there.
So, I leave this uncertainty somewhere,
Trust Him to take it and throw away.