Poems by Apurva Iyengar B Y

The Rain

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

Drops of rain,
Fall across, I do not refrain.
Each drop of love
Drenches me, reminding of someone!
Then a drizzle,
Now a storm.
I still stand there
Love in torrents
Swept me away in its current!
I watched in awe!
How kind of Lord to think of me
And thousands such season lovers
When he made you, me and the universe!

For, the world with no rains,
Pleasant ambience,
Breezy, lazy and inviting evenings
Would only promise a stale life,
Reminding one of strife!

The humble rain,
Washes away all evil
Remains no trace of discrimination
Divine ablutions
Our minds all clear
Now we walk across hurdles into a new day.
None escapes the magic,
Neither the woman in anguish,
Nor the busiest man.
The rain invites every pair of eyes
To once gaze at it- the crystal blue!!
One glimpse brings back fond memories
Sliding backward into the days gone by,
It helps one becomes more human.

Oh! I watch in awe…
It is fun
To see the world in a trance
Rain- a creation, a ribbon of romance.

Talent and the World

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

‘Talent’ is a soldier
He marches ahead alone
Riding on ‘courage’,
The horse brave to be known.

Talent never wept, not once!
For ‘time’ his friend assured,
That for better things in future
Present may seem bitter

Across the mighty oceans,
‘Talent’ sailed
And popular then he was!

One day, when the sun rose in the east.
He called ‘talent’ a beast!

Off into the sky jumped talent
On the wings of ‘haughty fame’,
(A bird all coloured.)
The wings broke down,
down, down.
He found courage awaiting in the dawn!

Talent found his lost way
And off he galloped with ‘time’
Which gifted him ‘humble fame’

Often remembered is ‘talent’!
Alive in the books of achievements
Riding his strong headed horse.
Talent is an imprint of yesterday
Thinks of tomorrow, acts today

All of us will meet him and his friends,
Sometime in life,
Once and forever when gracious God sends!

The Wild Beast

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

Lost alone in the forest,
I came upon a beast
A wild animal from the west.
It stared at ‘me’ its feast.

With large fierce eyes
Bellowing, it charged at me
I smiled at it- that heavy size
Suddenly it stopped and touched me

I looked into its eyes
Which seemed to burst any moment.
I embraced,
The beast cried, astonished!
It wept away its beastly nature

Now clear and kind,
His eyes signaled submission
I beckoned, he followed
We walked back home

He lead me across the forests
I told him what he was not,
Passed him all my love…
And so did he!

My home welcomed us,
But the beast was nowhere seen!
Instead I walked into the halls
Of, living,- knowledge!
With another human being!