Poems by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Pansy Love

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Proclamations of love declared
In witness of the earthly skies
Now in flames of deceit flared
In that flame, the flicker dies

To the man who swore I do
Pretend she did of love untold
Soon came another man with all ado
A pack of new lies, she added to her old

Truly wicked, she never was
The wind she was, she just changed
But to hell, she sure had a pass
Feelings of guilt in her unchanged

The stars she can’t reach in the yonder
The clouds she could never hold
In those lived her desires of wonder
So much more vice of her could be told

The wild lily once usurped with so much glee
Now in her clasp, did not hold her fancy
On the floor it lay, as with her whims she did flee
Yes her love was just a little pansy

A chase like a hunter she cherished
The prey once caught, lay forgotten
This tale told and retold by many who perished
with her love ill-begotten

Tryst with Destiny

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Slowly the old legs climbed to the attic
Treasures and mold, that old toy and that single mitten
Amidst all the clutter and the old clock’s tick
Hoping to remain as her broom did threaten

In lost thought she swept past
Mindless worries and bills to pay
Till her eyes met her past
Her past that peeped from the trunk on the way

To a time long ago, when her eyes were kinder
And her laughter rippled across
Time to her had then been kinder
Her mind travelled to that time far across

Frenzied hands worked on the trunk,vying to unlock
And within, The pretty red dress that stole all eyes
The paintings she drew, of mountains and sheepflock
Then on a sheaf of letters that lit her eyes

With a gush of feeling, the letters she clasped
To her bosom she held them dear,
Her first love he was, and in his memories she gasped
Those time when she loved and lost without fear.

His childish scrawls declaring love undying, behoten
Now remained in yellowing tatters; This love had aged
Those oaths forgotten still remain unforgotten
A tear, at the corner of the eye, a war waged

A call was heard from the floors below
It was The man who to her swore ” I do”
Some trifle of a thing he couldn’t find below
For without her, he knew not whatever to do

A smile curled up at her lips, love had her conned
The love that was,might have been
But the love that is, to her beckoned
Beckoned to her with love from which she could never wean

The sheaf of letters lay on the floor, from her separated
A thud of footsteps resounded as she ran to destiny
Destiny waited downstairs, without her,exasperated
In an embrace, she hugged him… happy with destiny.

Mindless Fury

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

In an angst of fire
Burnt my dreams
From its fury rose
The flames of love
A unlikely love, unrequited
All to go into smoke

No yesterday, no tomorrow remained
All trampled under the feet of today
Today remains a gigantic mountain
I fear to conquer

A heart- they call it
Rather call it death
And death be called heart
For death has more heart.

To the maiden… in me

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Is that the fire… your passing glance?
Is that the lightning… your sudden glimpse?
Is that the thunder… your passing anger?
Is that the dew… your sudden tears?

Is that the spring… your sudden laughter?
Is that the cloud… your passing shyness?
Is that the monsoon… your sudden abandon?
Is that the winter… your passing moods

In the bliss of early dawn…

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Soft morning light…
Mind feeling so light
when all worries have taken flight
they will be back, but for now hidden in the night…
and a will to see you on my side when I turn right
lolling in bed to see you fast asleep, kiss you, I might?
Peace unsaid, a closeness of a different light..
Memories past mill though at the speed of light
Making every past moment right…
Your warm breath on mine proves love with all its might…
Under the same covers, for which in the night there was a fight
Yes!I love you, however we fight…

Running away from dreams

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Higher up the mountain, I climb
Hoping that higher and higher lie my dreams
Harder the course, yet I continue to climb
Then I look below to the plains below
To see that the plains below hold my dreams.

Soothing morning, with mellow sunlight
To wake up to see love sleeping beside
A sip of coffee and watch the pale blue skies
All I asked were those smaller moments

Long walks with greenery around
A hand to hold and silence to uphold
In that silence will emotions speak
All I asked were those smaller moments

A quiet dinner, with moonlight watching
To read a nice book lying in each other’s arms
And falling asleep, secure with no worries to torment
All I asked were those smaller moments

But here I am, waking up alone
Taking the express lane in life
Running behind everybody’s dreams
And hoping my dreams come true.

Banks of a River

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Running together, our aspirations
River of expectations parting us.
Never to meet,
But always struggling to meet

Along the banks, the pebbles of good memories lie
In the river, the rocks of our harder times
The water streaming past, is it our love?
The very love that keeps us together yet apart.

The time when time stood still!

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Times past, when time did fly
that I never thought would come back in the sly.
But sitting here, I think of you
Of times when there was just me and you
Not a word did we speak
In us, though did emotions peak.
Neither you nor did I proclaim the silent love
For within, we knew, we had the unclaimed love.
In those quiet moments past, we spoke more.
and today time stands still
waiting for me, as I let memories mill.
Tomorrow remains to listen
to our words unspoken.

Right or Wrong?

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Two sides there are to a coin.
One the right and other wrong.
But who did the right and wrong coin?
To one, wrong is right and to another right, wrong.
A matter of perspective
sets things out of perspective.
A chance to blame and spite.
Just another reason to fight.
When reality does one accept
and don’t allow our opinions to intercept
Then will everything be right.
For that day, the coin will bow in might
In might to truth which is right.

Thoughtless thoughts

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Bored and the mind seems idle.
But when idle, more thoughts fiddle.
Not a moment in quiet,
when thought does not peace disquiet.
Always there is a murmur, a whisper.
Like a vagrant, does it caper.
Without thought, no search for destination
With thought, no place called destination.
Thoughts try to attain the thoughtless,
trying to attain peace, aimless.
Finally when peace does arrive,
will thoughts from it arrive?

Just apart

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

A man walks past,
Not that, any know his past.
He is just another, in the world vast
His dreams, His hopes, His desires now.
None do care, even not his own shadow.

Every man, alone in a crowd.
Every soul does a face shroud.
Each one of oneself proud.
Another man, just a stranger,
Unless without him, self is in danger.

Too many footprints along the shore
But each pair alone, more and more
Be it present or tales of yore,
Self and another are just apart,
however close lie their heart!

From him, shall I learn?

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

Tiny feet that wander and eyes so clear
Everyone, does he hold dear
His heart devoid of spite
and his love is his might.
Feelings open and in minutes, forgotten
We are older and those good things lie forgotten.
Just a kid, we shall think haughty and might.
But his eyes see the world so white,
Where we see just shades of grey and black.
From him, shall I learn, the world isn’t black?
Instead I teach him to forget innocence
And hence, teach him spite in garbs of sense?
What makes sense, sense or innocence?

Distant Shores

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

When night screams in the dark,
and sleep seems like a stranger,
onto a voyage of thoughts I embark.
Onto lands of hope, desire mixed with danger,
shipped across by memories of past
and love supporting like a mast,
amidst seas of doubt harsh and deep.
Distant lands that in it do treasures keep
promises of treasures does it keep,
treasures of moments and joys to be found.
Sailing on, awaiting the shore…
Till sleep is a stranger, no more.

Mooning over the moon…

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

The moon, from within the clouds does peek,
Time and again, playing hide and seek.
Watching it, for something, my mind does seek.
But the answer remains hidden and meek.

The clouds its veil, the sky its stage
Spectators million, defeating time and age.
In me a desire to defeat time does fill,
as I wish to go back to the memories that mill.

High above, it has witnessed history
Now, it witnesses my life like a story.
A secret we share,the moon and me.
The secret, deep hidden in its beauty.

So many people…

a poem by Aparna Gopalakrishnan

So many people, so many dreams.
So many hopes, like ants they crawl.
Each one trying to cross the seams,
To cross to reality beyond dreams, to haul.
In every eye a glimmer of desire,
and each desire bring tears and ire.
Tears they hide behind a veil called courage,
though within does anger, rage.
Like a volcano they remain,
now calm, but if they erupt, what will remain?