Poems by Anusha

Twelve strikes to the end

a poem by Anusha

Days ran by happily when I was young.
Night and day, each hour flew away.
But now a sudden lull in my life’s song was sung,
Stopping everything that made life happy and gay.

Memories wash upon me, as my pendulum of life strikes twelve,
Eleven more to go to the end of my time.
My heart with a mixture of happiness and sorrow does swell,
For soon this life shall no longer be mine.

As my hourglass runs short with speed,
I struggle to keep memories from fading.
A four-year old to the forty has grown my seed,
A long life of satisfaction forbading.

Eight more to go before I close my eyes,
Forever lost in a dream I never realized.
My mind fades and so do the blue skies;
I’m on my way to one place I truly despised.

Five more before my heart stops beating,
I smile at the tears of the ones I love.
A part of me still scared of leaving;
The other taking away all these years of searing pain above.

Two more, now the time is near,
Before my eyes shall never again see;
To bid good-bye to my dear,
Who in my heart shall forever be.

The last strike upon the clock,
My heart is silent and so my eyes.
My journey through life has reached a stop,
And I’m on my way to paradise.

Blind Tears

a poem by Anusha

Days were long and nights were young,
As we waddled away when we were young.
Our minds and hears so pure and free,
Our smile as wide as the open sea.
But all those days are now just past,
Of a life we once had thought did not last.
And now I stand here beside your grave,
Tears held back as you I could not save.
Your past haunting my every move,
Though my innocence was proved.
That day, the beginning of an end,
To a fate I could not defend,
And now I see you here motionless,
My eyes brimming with sadness.
That fateful day when we played,
The hour glass of your life had swayed.
Suddenly a crash of broken glass,
Your life was gone and so the broken glass.
A tear I cry to show my sorrow,
No limits and words to express as today turns tomorrow,
And now again I see you here so lifeless,
Your grave I pray, Rest In Peace as you were to me priceless.

Labour of Emotions

a poem by Anusha

Tears of sweat roll down,
Chained, I am, to the cruelty of this holy ground.
Work and slave through night and day;
No freedom, no joy, no laughter and no play.

Money and survival, the aim I take,
As I slave my health and life away.
In hardened and hazardous surroundings I sway,
My life’s own right I fake.

Toys and games I am denied,
My life to god has been lied.
But your may ask why I fuss while the world works its way around.
Alas! I cry for I am denied this simple joy,
Though I am just a nine year old boy.

Waves of Reality

a poem by Anusha

Clam sea waters hit upon my feet.
The air of the sea; so calm salty and sweet.
Washed upon the shore I saw a few shells.
Some I picked and walked away, not knowing the message within that dwelled.

Large, Chipped and conked shells,
The lost reality of life they held.
The many that one sees through his life,
Oh, this pain and solitude! I wish I could break the secret with a knife.

I treasure them and keep them safe,
Like true friends, a possession on them I take.
Some are beautiful though tarnished by time,
Others did not take any time of mine.

Soon some were lost, I felt no pain,
Some pricked me but I treasured them still, in vain.
In the music of life stood a quiet undiscovered treasure.
Waiting for me to notice it in patience.
And when I found it, took my heart away by no measure.

Days passed on to months and years,
More were lost and broken through many tears.
But one stayed on forever,
Radiating me with its beauty and power.

Suddenly one day, memories washed upon those shores,
The air of the sea so calm and serene.
And on the shore I found those shells,
I took the one that lay deeply embedded in the mud, its radiance apart from others,
And walked away smiling, knowing now
The secret in them that dwelled.