Poems by Anuradha Rao

Strings of Fate

a poem by Anuradha Rao

How many of us conform to the belief,
that whatever happens, happens for a reason?
Be it joy, pain or just plain relief,
and that everything has a specific season.

True, it is hard to accept a supernatural theology
in these days of science and technology.
But many a time, one encounters,
happenings that seem as though they were meant to be.
Even as reason thunders,
the mind is led to believe in Destiny.

Are they but fancies of the human mind,
not supported by truth or find;
how can we submit to fatalism,
without fighting for scientific mechanism?

Still we indulge in believing in Fate,
and get ready to face the inevitable.
We succeed at least at any rate,
to console the mind and make it able,
to face the realities of nature;
where flowers are intended to bloom,
and nothing ceases to venture,
in spite of the impending Doom!

Realms of Fate

a poem by Anuradha Rao

As I gaze upon the night sky
I allow my senses to fly
I begin to wonder why
Destiny is in the stars so high

Am I here for a purpose?
Or is it just a happenstance,
that I exist in this world,
much governed by chance?

The night breeze ruffles the leaves,
and as I watch the looming eaves,
sinister thoughts cross my mind
what if I fail those who place faith in me?

Then, upon reflection I find,
that there is so much of ‘I’ in me.
What am I; just an insignificant speck on the horizon
from the dust of the cosmos, I have risen.

A deep sense of humility
apprises me of the futility,
of thoughts that serve no purpose,
which do naught but shift my focus
from this life that is truly blessed.

As the aura of the moon diffuses
a peaceful calm ensues.
Realization dawns
that we are nothing but pawns
of Almighty above,
who ensures us a sense of protection and love.

I let the momentary flutter of my mind abate,
and submit my soul into the realms of Fate.