Poems by Anupama Nandakumar


a poem by Anupama Nandakumar

I close my eyes and wait for it to come,
It’s the final refuge for some…
The final shelter, the sanctuary profound,
From external cries, shouts and sound.

I relax my nerves And try to be still…
I wait for tiredness to cease and sleep to fill.
My heart – its panting does lessen
In an effort to unwind and loosen.

It comes slowly, almost quietly,
Sleep slackens my entire faculty.
It plunges my body into unconsciousness,
My face turns vacant and expressionless.

Sleep – an end to my awareness,
Light now replaced by darkness.
An end to a day of much vigor,
An end to my weariness and languor!

I become immune to any pain or pleasure,
It crawls up within me like a creeper.
Yes – that’s sleep, a deep slumber,
A welcome respite in rainy or hot weather!

An ode to Spring

a poem by Anupama Nandakumar

Spring is the season next to winter!
Spring is full of life tender!

After months of decay and cold weather,
Spring brings much good health and cheer.

Spring is the season of freshness,
When fields turn green and lustrous.

The weather is quite fair,
There is fragrance in the air.

The calling birds, the blooming flowers,
Present a picture of energy and vigor!

Spring is the season of new beginnings,
Of new ventures and fresh undertakings.

When winter comes, can spring be far behind!

A blessing from above

a poem by Anupama Nandakumar

A bundle of joy, that’s what you are…
A cradle of happiness in a world of war!
Your tiny hands and tiny feet;
PLaced on a silky satin sheet;
Are soft to touch, to hold tight,
Soothe my wounds and bring delight.
You are indeed a prayer answered.
Heaven’s blessings have fallen on me unhindered!