Poems by Anupama M

My life, my past, ‘n’ me

a poem by Anupama M

With the caress of the gentle breeze
My flow of thoughts momentarily cease.
An’ I drift blissfully down memory lane
Oh! So much like a weather vane
My heart’s so very troubled
Pulling me in many directions – I’m so muddled!
Thoughts that crowd into my mind.
They haunt me – none of the same kind.
The past – the perennial stream
That pierces through my heart – a laser beam
Things I’d thought I’d long forgotten
Which seem, to my heart, to fasten!
As I look back revelling in the happiness
That I’d experienced – moments full of goodness.
Sadness seems to engulf me
As I think of things that could’ve been.
Of the mountains ‘n’ valleys ‘n’ streams ‘n’ meadows
Of which when I think of – my heart glows.
Where I used to play – a child
Radiant with innocence, playful and wild;
Of the places I went, the people I met
Of the joy I felt – great! You bet!
As I went places, hand in hand
With people I trusted, to far-off lands.
Of the time I grew up – oh! the feel of it!
The joy it gave me – you can count on it!
Then the childish, innocent mind
Was exposed to things – varied in kind,
The evil ways of the world so wide,
That gave me the jitters – hard to hide.
The selfish nature of people around
Who seem to jump at trifles found
Worth to live in forests with beasts
Even they’d loath, on them to feast!
Are they humans? Hard to believe
Wicked nets ’round people they weave
Nets of jealousy, greed ‘n’ revenge
But life’s impermanent. What do they avenge?
They say something; think some other thing
And finally do yet another thing
Deceit and rage is the call of the day
Falseness, disloyalty; ‘n’ nobody to pray.
I reflect on the past – the ghosts that haunt
Forever, it seems, to me, to daunt
People come, people go
Like the cast of a long drama show!
Promises made ‘n’ never kept
Of things that could’ve been if they’d been let.
But the past is past, I think aloud
None can blow up the black big cloud
But, I think – it can be blown
With a huge wind, made on my own
For ’tis only me who can brush away
The threatening past that may lead me astray
From my goals in life – all I wanna achieve
So my past, I need to sieve
The happiness and joy – moments I had
Treasured possessions that make me glad
That I lived in the wide wide world
Are to be hoarded till the end of the world.
While the sad moments, I’ll never miss
Are to be thrown – deep down the abyss
Never to be retrieved by man or beast
Will you help me do this? For me, at least?!

Your ‘n’ Mine

a poem by Anupama M

The newborn wails – just a few months old
As his brother, not heeding what he’d been told
Snatches a teeny doll from him
“It’s mine”, the baby cries, in his own baby language.
“Give it back to me!”

Bent over her kiddy books
The tiny tot gives menacing looks
To the girl at the next desk – her stealthy neighbour,
Who takes a plunge at her pencil with renewed vigour!
And thus, inevitably – a fight ensues.

The young teenager – the coolest one around
Ditched by his friend for a new friend found
Pitches into battle – a raging war!
To win back his friend from afar!
“He’s mine – don’t ya dare touch him”, is the battle cry!

The budding sportsmen – great ‘volley-ballers’
Tense up, stunned, as a great voice hollers:
“Mine !”. and all give way for the big fellow
Who smashes the ball with another big bellow!
Well. I wonder – “Is the ball really his?!”

Come Graduation Day
Watch the father say:
“Look – my son!” – donning a robe, in all splendour
Proud of his feats – a growing sapling, so tender
“He’s mine”, Dad proudly proclaims.

The father dies. His sons – the young men
Do they care about their mother? – No! Not them!
Commence the Third World War
Battling for their share, from lands afar.
And Mother Hen tearfully watches her family go to pieces.

Wherever I turn – in the world – wide ‘n’ fine
There goes the cry: “Hey! That’s mine!”
What’s mine, and what’s yours?
Whence they come, thither they go.
For when we depart, we don’t take anything with us, do we?


a poem by Anupama M

The elephant headed Ganesha
Also known as Vinayaka
Is the cute li’le son of Shiva-Parvati
And is known to remove all misery.
He is the one who’s worshiped first
Though he has a stomach that could burst!
He is the most loved God of all
With a horde of ‘Bhoothaganas’ waiting for his call.
Around his stomach, a serpent he has tied,
As though it were a belt anyone would’ve tied!
His ears are as big as they could be
And he eats enough ‘Modakas’ to fill the sea!
He ne’er steps out without his ‘Vahana’
The great ‘Mooshaka’ in all its splendour.
For the sake of a mango, he competed against his brother
And ultimately won by going around his father!
He really is very smart
And has a very very huge heart.
He will give you whatever you want,
Provided you give him all the sweets he wants!!

Memoirs of a Young Woman

a poem by Anupama M

As I, down memory lane, glide,
Innumerable scenes before me, slide.
Millions of situations which could’ve been handled better
Things I did, thoughts I thought – were they right or wrong?

When I was naughty
And made my mother unhappy
Was that wrong on my part?

When I went to the fair
And pulled my friend’s hair
Was that fair or unfair?

When Ma’am went on ’bout Sulphate
And I ne’er bothered to concentrate
Did I commit a great mistake?

When Dad expected the best
An’ I got ‘C’ in the test
Did I make him sad?

When Mom gave me lotsa’ work
And my duties – Of course! I did shirk.
Did I make her mad?

So many things – many situations
That in my mind cause confusion
Well. I now realise that I could have done better
and better, even better
For the road to perfection never ends!


a poem by Anupama M

Oh! That part of the day!
Adorned by the setting sun’s ray
Fills my heart with ecstasy
And flies me to a world of fantasy!
A cloud above me passes.
Nay – ’tis a flock of the feathered creation
Journeying back home in formation
There – a lone bird appears
Separated from friends; cold with fears
Flying round and round and round
Sensing a way to his home ground
As I stare at the silhouette of the palm
Against the clear blue sky – oh ! so calm!
And hear the faint strains of soft heavenly music
Drifting toward me from far, far away.
Supreme bliss, in my fantasy world reigns!