Poems by Anup S Mudugal

My Wish

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Walking on the road to success,
met this cute little princess.
Person with full of love and care,
sorrow and happiness ready to share.
Rightly eighth wonder of world,
whom a poet would love to hold.
Almighty the creator of this beauty,
may dreams come true to sweetie.
Trust I have in you and me,
Valentine of her, I shall be.

India and Pakistan

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

The sun is the same that sets
and rises, here and there.
The river shall always flow,
carrying dirt to sea.
The winds that blow swiftly
take a message along.
The sand dunes of Thar, move
no boundaries to stop.
People on both sides fight
to death, blood though same.
O God, let people perish,
before they die an untimely death.

My Ode to Beauty

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

O lady, my dream of days,
you are life’s light rays.
So pure and beautiful you are,
as dew drops on morning flower.
How can I show my passion,
with a rose, or my words in action.
I know for sure what is in heart,
Yet, I do so, apart never shall we part.

Can I Write

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

A year after, no longer can I write,
Life is going no way right.
I don’t find the moon and stars,
Shedding light on the game of wars.
Joy is lost like the morning mist,
Everything taking the worst twist.
Inspiration dead long in heart,
Yet, when I try, its a piece of art.

Guess What!

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Let us all play a game,
Only answer being the aim.
Tell me, what is 7″ long,
Not the knife that you take along.
Found in all homes world over,
Not the candle used to hover.
Held when hungry with desire,
Not that what all women require.
Over are three chances here,
Its just the banana dear.


a poem by Anup S Mudugal

O lady, Lucky though I am to find you
Happy I am now to be with you
We need only will to create wonders.

O lady, I have found in you the
Best, who can lead me to success
You have shown me my real worth.

O lady, I pray to Thee, to give
All happiness and goodness of life,
To lead you to heights of success.

O lady, Please don’t you think of
Leaving me, you know very well,
I shall be lost in this bad world.

O lady, forgive me for my errs.
I haven’t done them knowingly
All that I do is for you.

O Creator, thank you,
I have received an angel,
Lucky I am, really lucky.


a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Together, we decided to make the best,
Achieve the ultimate in life.
Together, we moved with love and care
Thinking and only thinking about.
Together, we helped each other, when
In need or when lost.
Together, our words were of love and
Affection, true by instincts.
Together, we dreamt to achieve
The impossible.
Together, as we bade, we prey
Bless all dreams come true.

One more chance

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Give me one more chance,
Just one more
To prove my capabilities
To prove that I have changed

Give me one more chance
Just one more
I am a rejuvenated man,
With a lot of practice and experience.

Give me one more chance,
Just one more
Don’t forget that it was you
Who used to say ‘you can’.

Give me one more chance,
Just one more
Like a phoenix I have risen
As King Porous did against Alexander.

Give me one more chance,
Just one more
Don’t let my confidence melt,
I have rebuilt myself only for you.

It happens

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Lovely and happy is mornings,
Some start flight in cry
To bring some for young.

Fresh and smooth is us,
Vanishing mist in thin breeze,
Making way for brightness and happiness.

Though late and slow are we,
But ready in a Brachistochrone
Starting unpleasant routine.

Hustling and bustling are things,
Scorcher the day becomes
Weather though unhealthy.

Who, makes mornings unhappy
Filled with dirt, ego and heartless.
None other than we supremos.

O, creator arrest thy heat,
Forgive supremos, mistakes
Done unknowingly, It happens!

Beloved Love

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

You are the mountains,
That bring rainfall.

You are the sun,
The prime necessity of life.

You are the happiness,
Without which none can survive.

You are the rose,
Spreading fragrance of love and care all around.

You are valiant,
You are determined.

You are none other,
Than my beloved one.


a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Lovely is the twinkle of your eyes,
Cute is thy face.

You are full of joy and happiness
Of childhood.

You are farther away from greed
And hunger of heartless.

You are erogenous and valiant,
No bad comes from you.

Anger is but bad, though it turns thy
Appearance more innocent.

O, creator, bless dreams of the child true,
Moment after moment.

Say Yes

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Don’t break my heart
‘Cause it’s not mine but yours,
I need you and your presence
As a child needs a mother.
I need your love and care, to
keep my morale high.
Praise like sunlight is
what I need from you.
You are the only hope
for my survival.
You are the one who can
give courage to think beyond horizon.
Think before saying ‘no’, it takes
time to build, not to break.
I may not be the best
but have immense power to be so.
I leave it to you, take me
to nadir or to the apex.


a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Love is not materialistic thing,
it is emotion of grave feelings,
love is immortal, it is forever.
Without barriers of Money and status
all do have desire to be loved ones
only few dare to be so.
Love is not like friendship,
where you can befriend anyone.
Love is a state of heart, a passion
a bi-directionally occuring feeling.
In love, your persona does
not matter to the least extent.
Sharing thoughts, feelings,
sorrow and happiness is love.
Caring and helping in need
at the right moment is love.
Spending and being spent upon
isn’t love, but cowardness.
Love is but a desire to
do and to be done with.

Reply Soon

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

You are a part of me and my soul
Hearts are though two but beat is one
Having same feelings as you do
I am present wherever you need
Though unnoticed I go.
Loving you more than anything in life.
For now and forever I shall do so.
I shall call for you only once
Waiting for reply eagerly
I pray to thee for a reply
I can only say ‘reply soon’
You can trust me and my love, but not the time
As, by the time you reply, I may have become

The Silver Lining

a poem by Anup S Mudugal

Life is a journey of odds
And evens around.
Sometimes very difficult
Or very easy.
Tasks are demanding
Ones, but worthless.
Life is full of misery
Of poverty and
Surroundings is full of insane
And heartless people.
Luck though not always
In our side.
Where money plays the
Role of prime mover.
Though all these odds,
Life is worth living.
As each and every cloud has a Silver Lining