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Leaving the country

a poem by

Though I left you and departed for good to another land
I left behind a thousand memories to cherish
The utmost care which I got from all of you
I will never get in this side of the world
Since I will miss you my friends Udit and Arou
I will miss the laughter and giggles that we had together
The tongue will never utter a word of love any more
As the path to another world is fearsome
And since now I am departing from all of you
I will never get another glimpse of the happy me
I will be like a guest from another world
Who is unsettled from her kin and friends
Who still lives in the dream world.

My Flights…

a poem by

The early rays come and go,
And I start to learn to fight,
Trying to achieve my goals.

My fights are like the birds caged,
Like the soldiers who lay down their lives,
In the battlefield,
Never to come again.

Like the crow which is thirsty,
But cannot find water,
Like the person who has legs,
But cannot walk.

The real truth is- will I ever win?
And say goodbye,
To my departing smile.

My Teachers

a poem by

Oh! my teachers,
You are the paragons of knowledge and love,
You are the temples of light,
You are the wings to protect me,
From the snares of life.

You are the one I can hold on,
You made me stand,
To show my breeding.

In distress and confusion,
You are a great force,
To turn on.

Teachers, I was your child once,
Can’t I be forever?
My teachers, let me take your footsteps.


a poem by

Dreams are seen,
But never fulfilled,
Every day a new dream,
But never foretold.

Dreams are dreams,
That never help us,
To be happy,
At any time.

Dreams never come true,
For they are seen,
To make us feel,
That our wishes will come true,
Whenever sad.

Dreams, Dreams and Dreams!


a poem by

Thunder washing,
The rain slashing,
Through the dues,
Water swirling,
The leaves twirling,
In the breeze,
Lighting glowing,
In the air,
Hail pounding ,
The earth surrounding,

Lovers meeting,
In the rain,
Where their hearts are beating,
Where shadows wave,
The darkness waiting,
For the light to come.

To the soldiers of India

a poem by

India is a country full of brave people,
India had and will have soldiers,
To give their lives for their motherland,
So, my dear countrymen remember,
Our brave soldiers,
And pray for their lives and families,
We salute to you my soldiers,
All Indians are with you,
Be brave and go ahead,

My Heights

a poem by

Let me not ascend to hell,
And make my wishes disappear,
Let me know my roots,
And make me relearn to stand.

Let me not sink into the waters,
Let me learn to help and love others,
Take me to the heights,
Where I can be proud of myself.

Let me not suffer,
Let me learn to become a reputed person,
Till my last fall.

My Brother

a poem by

I remember the day you were born,
Strong, heavy, and toothless,
In the loneliness, I heard you cry,
A thrill to know,
One is not alone.

The fun of one’s own brother,
I know I can lean on someone,
A happiness which will never end,
Till my last fall.

Filled with thoughts unexpressed,
The innocent smile,
That comes through the eyes,
I know you are my brother,
Unbreakable, immortal and evergreen!

The Sun

a poem by

Round, bright and hot ball,
You are the sun,
A round beautiful red pot,
To the east or west,
And not north or south why?

Thirst and heat cramps,
A warmth and health each day,
A good round lamp,
Rises each day,
In the bright blue sky.

The sun, you are a wonder man,
Miles far away,
Goes to sleep,
And comes the next day like,
A ball of fire!


a poem by

Oh! my books to thee I owe,
Oh! my books to thee I owe,
You save me from my enemies,
And soothe me in my awe.

Oh! my books to thee I owe,
When vacant or in a sad mood,
You are a good protective hood,
Lifting me, up, high!

In sorrow, you talk psychology,
And comfort me,
Sweeter than honey-thee,
Oh! my books, a lot I owe to thee.

A Friend

a poem by

Will you be?
A pillow to lay my head upon,
A crutch, when I cannot walk,
And, not just play with me,
And let me cry alone?

Will you be,
A flower that blooms everytime,
And be with me always,
When I have no strength.

Will you be,
A friend in need,
A father, mother and a sister,
And make my dreams come true,
And never leave me,
Till my last fall.


a poem by

Death comes by the knock of a door,
By the laugh heard aboard,
Death, why is it?

From the cradle to the grave,
The play, laugh and the talk,
No more, no more!
Death, why is it?

How hard is it?
To fight death,
Let me face it,
Death, why is it?

Life is a game

a poem by

When you think you have reached the top,
You know you have lost.
When you see the burdens of life,
You find yourself far behind.

When you think you have won the game,
You see that you have lost,
You look for your mother’s lap,
To cling on and weep!

Victory goes away from you,
But you are with tears in the eyes,
The toughest time of life.

Was this a nice sweet dish?
The game which has lost all skills,
I think, yes it was!