Poems by Anoop Reddy P


a poem by Anoop Reddy P

Cricket is fun when India has won.

Enthusiasm comes when India and Pak play,
The spectators also show interest and gay.

Waqar comes from the bowling end,
Ajay sets a latest trend.

Afridi on the batting track,
Srinath bowls a swinging pack.

Afridi out! Indians shout!
India wins over Pak’s sins.

Sachin with a bottle of beer,
Wasim with an eye of tear.

Back in the dressing room shouts come “India is great”
So all the Indians celebrate.

Teacher : Past vs Present

a poem by Anoop Reddy P

An institution is a temple of knowledge,
it could be a school or a college.

From time immemorial
we consider “GURU” as GOD,
till time perennial
this will not be odd.

A “GURU” need not be physical in appearance
we learn the essence of life from experience,
active or passive may be the mode of learning
competition these days is luring the yearning.

What is learnt is not being implemented practically,
Why then this education? A question with a touch of philosophy.

This major system should change to a revolution,
my friends try hard for this SOLUTION.

Learn things with practical sense,
workout new things with an innovative lens.

Rat race for marks should be out of place,
insight into understanding should be accepted with grace.