Poems by Anne Sharon W

If I can wish for you

a poem by Anne Sharon W

I do not know what you adore,
But I can wish you everything adorable,
I do not know what you love,
But I can wish you everything lovable,
I do not know what you hope for,
But I can wish you Hope itself.

I do not know your darkest day.
But I can wish you sunshine
Henceforth on your way.
I do not know what’s hurt you,
But I wish that Time may heal.
That you may let go the worst memories,
And a silent happiness feel.

I do not know your deepest yearning,
But I wish life gives it to you,
I do not know what you hold dear,
But I wish that it’s yours ever through.
I do not know your fervent dream,
But I wish that it comes true.


a poem by Anne Sharon W

Life is a lone journey,
All the hands you shake,
All the friends you make,
All the smiles you take,
Melt like dew on a summer tree.

You have to walk that silent road,
Walk past faithless friends,
Walk past for time never mends,
Walk past betrayal, till the journey ends,
Life needs that which you never owed.

Yet you know your heart can bear,
Storms in the inner mind,
Faith that will never bind,
Forgotten love left behind,
Fading memories of the worst nightmare.

You still have hope, you know not how,
To see the morning light,
To wear a smile so bright,
To await a peaceful night,
For Hope is not yours, it comes from up above.


a poem by Anne Sharon W

Those eyes, deep set and distant,
Have a silent composure lent,
Striking shade of mild liquid black,
Milder lashes that no charm lack.
A soft pink the edges line,
The softest pink of distilled wine.
The golden rays fall gently on,
Adding brilliance to the early dawn.
Eyes into which you loose your dreams,
To find them back in their tantalizing gleam,
Eyes that rest a wandering mind,
In their depths sweet secrets find,
The moment they gently close does hold;
Eternity in its magical fold…


a poem by Anne Sharon W

Lost in a wilderness, sharp and deep,
The very trees with uncertainty did creep,
The eerie sky and the haunting breeze,
The roots, jutted out in a terrified freeze,
I groped my way thro’ this forest vast,
My heart was pounding, my breath was fast,
Every meandering path did fare,
Through the Hopeless air, that led nowhere.
I sat down, slow, and tried to think;
Where am I, where did I sink?
Then remembering deeply, I knew the place:
This forgotten land that had never seen grace,
But painfully though, I knew it was mine,
That abysmal, unknown, gaping ravine,
That which vehemently did resist,
My faith, my love, my very reason to exist:
I never knew, it was I playing the fatal drum,
In this part of me, where I was myself unwelcome.
Every heart is thus invisibly shackled down,
From where the essence of existence, will never rebound.


a poem by Anne Sharon W

Alongside the rippling waters blue,
Sat she, in a thought, so deep,
Eyes, a twinkle, yet hiding the true
Promises, that destiny may never keep.
She longed, though she knew,
Her longing was just not fair:
Past her sight cherished dreams flew,
And thoughts too sacred to share.
Time will never, ease away,
Ravages of this tender heart,
Till years trudge to that ultimate day;
When soul and life mortally part.

So she sat through the sunset red,
Her love, in unknown lands doth tread,
Through uncharted courses that to nowhere lead