Poems by Anjali Sasidharan

Jealous of Nature

a poem by Anjali Sasidharan

I love her more than words can say,
And love her more with each passing day.
She’s all I ever wanted all my life,
She’s all I ever wished for in my future wife.

She knows me and really does care,
She loves me with tenderness beyond compare,
But when I think that it’s her I have to share,
Life to me seems so unfair!

As the wind slowly plays with her curls,
Tosses and pushes, pulls and twirls,
As the raindrops each kiss her face,
My heart beats faster my pulse begins to race.

As she watches the falling of the autumn leaves,
Or the gentle swaying of the mighty trees,
As she looks at the bright summer sun,
My heart leaps up and in time begins to run.

As she listens to the cat’s silent purr,
And the sound of the waves reaches her ear.
As she hears the snowflakes fall,
My heart seems to beckon and to her call.

As she smells the springtime breeze,
Her mind creates pictures, her eye never sees.
As she smells the fragrance of a rose,
My heart is in a flurry and wants her close.

As she drinks the water from the spring,
Fresh and clear, bubbling and sparkling,
As she tastes the apple from the orchard now,
My heart seems to want more love.

Suddenly I begin to feel all alone,
It’s all these senses that I want to own.
I don’t even want to share her with nature so fine,
I want all of her. She is mine!

I hate it that nature can love her so much,
Caress her and lovingly touch.
With each step she takes towards nature and turns,
My heart begins to ache and with jealousy burns!

Loving You!

a poem by Anjali Sasidharan

How can I accept it as a love not meant to be?
How can I explain what it means to me?
It’s much more than a summer romance,
More than just a game of chance.
It’s what I feel deep inside,
It’s a feeling you’re trying to hide.
I know what I want and I see it in you,
In what you are and the things that you do.
You’re the visions who lived in my dreams,
Who slept on the stars and walked on sunbeams.
Then all of a sudden you came my way,
Changed my whole life in a single day.
You walked in and conquered my heart,
I was your slave from the start.
But no one can ever know,
My love is much more than what does show.
It’s not like any human love,
It’s a feeling far above.
I wish I knew what the future did hold,
Sorrows for me or joys untold?
Or finally that one love true,
That can exist only between me and you!