Poems by Anjali S

For You, Brother

a poem by Anjali S

Tumbled and rolled ourselves
did we not?
For that silly laughter
that vanished soon there after

Those memories never
but you ran away
with ease

You were sentenced,
cruel games were on you
a prank that came true

Even today,
years after that day
I turn around on the
slightest noise

‘Brother, is that you?’
but silence.

Silence of the day
silence of the night
staring back
left me craving
for that laughter again.

Why do I hold my head so low?

a poem by Anjali S

I have walked barefoot
through ancient temples
Bent low to enter
deep inside mountains
blessed by gurus
I have dipped my hand in
holy waters
tasted the tears of Gods

I have seen the sunrise
from the top of a volcano
I have dove into many oceans
through goggled eyes
I’ve been a part of schools of
brightly colored fish
I lay in the sun
letting it rejuvenate me

I have eaten natures food
prepared by darkskinned
dreadlocked beauties
strong women
I have felt their daily struggles
just to eat, survive, provide

I have been loved and nurtured
unconditionally by
I have loved
with all I had to give
I have true friendships
summer walks in the rain
felt love on a mountain top
ran through purple flowers
in the greenest fields…

Why then, do I hold myself so low?