Poems by Anisha Kalra


a poem by Anisha Kalra

Pain and anguish changed me.
It made me shut myself out.
All feelings were buried in,
Till the time you came along.

Someone so gentle,
Someone who shares his sorrow.
Someone protective,
Someone who listens out to me.
Someone who cares,
Someone who makes me smile.

You’ve become a part of me,
I look forward to talk to you.
Time seems to stop when you are away.
The happening scares me.

Never thought this would happen again, but it is.
I feel so comfortable with you.
I can go on talking to you.
You give me the chance to be my own self.
Thanks for being there
Hope you shall remain there.

Expect the Unexpected

a poem by Anisha Kalra

Why are we so far away from each other?
When you always say you are just two steps after.
Why can’t I feel your closeness?
But sense only the feeling of emptiness.

I thought we would always be one,
But why all we had seemed to be gone.
No more joy and laughter,
Only the tears…

Will I ever be able to be with you again?
And be freed from all the pain…
Will my life be returned?
For I, Expect the Unexpected.

Lost in this whirlpool of life

a poem by Anisha Kalra

You were right all along,
His return is temporary.
He needed someone,
Without a thought I ran to his rescue.

Now I comprehend,
He has obtained the ability to go on,
And I, lost in this whirlpool of life.
I should have known of its coming,
I was so blindfolded in his love,
I only wanted to be with him.
To comfort him,
And be the pillar to his life.

I am perplex,
I know not what to do.
I found the strength,
But now it’s vanished.

Its all about giving myself another chance

a poem by Anisha Kalra

It’s never easy…
We stumble… we fall
But it’s not impossible…

At times we face things which we don’t want to…
But isn’t it what destiny is all about
All that life has in store for us.

It’s also about faith
Believing when there’s nothing else we can do,
to make things alright.

For this, I will give us another chance…
I am not sure of succeeding
but will definitely give it a try.
Nothing to lose… and
Maybe tomorrow, things will change
for us…

No matter what…
It’s for the best.


a poem by Anisha Kalra

Changes are inevitable,
Its one thing that’s permanent in life.
As time passes, things change, people change
So, why is it so hard to accept it?

Why is it harsh if our near one changes?
Why does it hurt so badly?
Why am I not being able to endure it?
Why does it shatter me?
Why? Why?
The questions are just never ending!

But again, it’s unavoidable,
Then why am I like this?
Time, the best healer,
Will get me through it!

I just hope seeing all this,
I won’t change myself.
Coz’ whatever it is,
The change is tormenting me.
And I need a way to accept it,
To live with it.