Poems by Anisha G Jose

Walk the Talk

a poem by Anisha G Jose

You walk with some people
And you talk with some
But with how many do you walk the talk…?

You chat with some people
And have Chaat with some
But with how many do chat and have chaat…?

True friends are the ones
With whom you walk the talk
And Chat and have Chaat

They’re there to walk along and listen
They’re there to talk and advice
A listening ear, a consoling tongue

Like it’s said Friends are like pebbles
Found everywhere
True friends are like precious gems
Few and rare!


a poem by Anisha G Jose

There’s a place afar
Filled with lots of love and grace.
A place where all’s right and all’s well.

No more crying, no more tears,
No more pains no more fears.

That’s my little dreamland!

A land of love
A land of happiness
A land of rejoicing
Filled with everyone chorusing

That’s my little dreamland!

No more fighting
No more bombing
A place of no regret.

That’s my little dreamland!

An earth as pure when it was created.
With the sweet breeze blowing
No more pollution
A land filled with solutions

That’s my little dreamland!

A Journey called Life

a poem by Anisha G Jose

The first time I opened my eyes
I thought I saw the whole world
“Hmm’ the world seems pretty small”, I said,
With Mom and dad, Uncles and aunts
Doing the coo-chee-coos and the peek-a-boo’s
But I didn’t realise that this was just the beginning.

As I started getting stronger,
And my feet growing longer,
I wanted to explore more of the world
And realised that this world was a little more weird
With little creatures crawling under the table
And some flying in the air
I wondered were they my relations too? :O

Soon Mom and dad took me to a place afar
Where many little ones just like me went,
Mom said, “You are a big girl now”
“And you’re going to school”

As I reached what they called school,
I saw what seemed millions of people.
All talking together, wonder who’s listening?

Schooling seemed fun, there I made friends
They were just like me
Full of fun and energy
And parting always seemed a tragedy.

Alas! We need to move on
Soon we went our ways
Some doctors, some engineers,
Some teachers and some preachers.

Now ’twas time for the next step of life, Marriage
Another world altogether, a world of people I still need to know.
I had my tiffs and I had it tough.
Yet there was so much to love.

A cycle to be followed again.
This time not with me, but my kids.

Today as I rest my head on my sweet bed.
I feel the world is same – back as child
Where my small world is of Sons and Daughters,
Friends and well-wishers doing the consoling and praying.

And as I am about to close my eyes
A deep sleep with only good byes
It seemed a long journey
A journey not from Bombay to Goa
But a journey called Life!