Poems by Animesh Kulshrestha


a poem by Animesh Kulshrestha

I heard somebody cursing, screaming inside me
Even I tried, but could not, blame my destiny!

It was just an affair, I tried to make myself understand
The biggest mistake of my life, that one night stand

I was on a journey, away from my happy family
My intoxicated lust made me do a thing so silly.

Today I think, I could have taken some precaution,
Should not have strayed or used some protection

A unique gift on thanksgiving, today I have to give,
Me, her and our two year kid are all HIV positive.

Life seems like a nightmare, or some devils fiction,
As my family becomes the victim of my action


a poem by Animesh Kulshrestha

Why does she do it? Why she does it at all?
Raise people in agony, never let them fall?

Why does she do it? Why bother so much?
For people who are, strangers as such?

Why does she do it? Work all day and night?
Giving people hope, urging them to fight?

Why does she do it? What returns she get?
Everything goes waste, as people forget.

Why does she do it? Doesn’t care for her loss
Moves with her only asset, The Holy Cross.

Why does she do it? Fervently, I once asked her
Smiling, she replied, because I am your Mother.